Acting teacher
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The teacher is elementary information
Teacher number: 2013
Full name: Acting teacher - [attestation teacher]
Sexual distinction: Female
The birth date: 1985-11-25
Have the capacity: In school grind one student
Political appearance: Member
Place school: Dalian industry university
Educational degree: Undergraduate course

Make an appointment phone: 13591748360 (Xiaozhao) 13795111120 (Xiaolai) (when making an appointment, ask you to provide this teacher number, so that help you fast arrange with this teacher, the thank cooperates! )

Family education information
Foreign language specialty: English
Mandarin degree: General
Expectation pay pay: 20 - 30 yuan / hour
First selection teachs course: The maths of elementary school, junior high school
Equipment choosing teachs course: Physics
Major reachs strong point: Major is food science and project specialty is calligraphy, the maths in all course is relatively outstanding
Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Ceng Jiao passes junior high, the maths of high school
Family education explains: In the evening after 6 o'clock all but

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