Zhang Jiao member (male)
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The teacher is elementary information
Teacher number: 2016
Full name: Zhang Jiao member - [attestation teacher]
Sexual distinction: Male
The birth date: 1984-12-1
Have the capacity: In school grind 2 students
Political appearance: Party member
Place school: Liaoning Normal University
Educational degree: Master

Make an appointment phone: 13591748360 (Xiaozhao) 13795111120 (Xiaolai) (when making an appointment, ask you to provide this teacher number, so that help you fast arrange with this teacher, the thank cooperates! )

Family education information
Foreign language specialty: English
Mandarin degree: Perfectness
Expectation pay pay: 30 yuan / hour
First selection teachs course: High school counts manage to change
Equipment choosing teachs course: Junior high school counts manage to change
Major reachs strong point: Have patience, intellectual level is high.
Detailed fine workmanship makes experience: Teach the student countless that pass and has coached, seasoned, to all students, no matter original basis how, can the state teach students in accordance of their aptitude according to its oneself, tuitional knowledge, method of directive study, foster good study to be used to, make the student can get result inside short time, achievement substantially rise, the student loves to learn, the parent is satisfactory.
Family education explains: Cotton is discussed