Grow this to let the child poll to oneself
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The teacher suggests to encourage the child active project oneself

Should I let “ does the child cast him one ticket? ” recently, a mom is in Hangzhou post of the hair on some forum appeals: The child difference because of two tickets was not judged on mothball member, if he sends the one bill that sends others to oneself at that time, hopeful anthology went up.

The word of this mom caused discuss greatly: Be in abroad, children recommend him bravely; Can be in China, mostly the child not dare so do, because be afraid of,be made fun of. As the parent, should encourage the child to poll to oneself after all?

Cast oneself one ticket he wins with respect to organic meeting

This mom says, him son is the child with a honorary not strong sense all the time, he never picks whatever vote when elementary school oneself, be Ied hope his result is all along right, although not intercourse of arrogate to oneself, dan Ting has popularity, what should choose also can choose on, also go along with him.

Happened outside gratifying. In going up, learn, be in of recent in mothball member election, whole class 4 quota of people, he just loses an election. “ is informed him to did not choose his when us, chose that to mix instead he is only the poor person be elected of two tickets, can't help blaming him to be what so foolish, is entering as it happens two tickets? If ” son thinks of the ground to say somewhat: “ should choose him anyhow after me then. ” mom is praising his head have one's ideas straightened out, but a subsequently word invites the son again she can'ts help dumb like that: “ that after me flat choose those to be elected impossibly, be to have an advantage more? ”

This mom appeals: How should I do “ after all, do not encourage him to choose him even? ”

On the net, parents are divided into two cliques immediately.

Opposition thinks: “ values the child's option, let him have an open breadth of mind. Serve as the parent to should praise his magnanimous ground to choose others actually, do not haggle over every ounce for these things. “

Supportable clique has his idea however: “ chooses him also it doesn't matter is bad, that is to oneself self-assured is behaved one kind. Now this society, be brave in with respect to this offer one's services. This kind of consciousness is fostered with respect to this as a child. ”

Should let the child learn to admire others

Begging is Li Qin of director of staff room of astral continent elementary school thinks, the practice not proper of this mom, because involved specific event, the result is unalterable, meet the child leave a regret instead. But bypass this thing, the parent should encourage child actively project oneself. Because “ is current the current situation is, dot does not have expressional desire more to high grade more, do not be willing raise one's hand, do not be willing to show oneself. This affirmation is not a good appearance. ”
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