6 kinds of mom that the child likes most
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1. Goodness of a person's mind, disposition tenderness, be full of love to the child
Mom should be close to the child more, through skin the contact undertakes affection breed, warm and happy, affection gets satisfaction, build affection of depend on each other, let the child feel accessibly and lovely.

2. Have deep love for study, knowledgeability, what can satisfy the child is curious desire

Child ask a question: What is this? What is that? How such? Which come? Why? Etc.

Mom should the correct, problem that solves the child to put forward patiently, won't OK consult book or inquiry others give solve, such mom can get trust and favorite of the child.

3. Know the child, can satisfy proper need of the child

The child has corporeal need and mental need in grow. Mom knows the child, undertake with cheeper the heart is communicated. Can satisfy normal requirement of the child in time.

4. Education pays attention to a method, never beat and scold the child

The way that teachs the child is abide abide revulsive, how to make cheeper is done clearly? For? Not easily rebuke, fling abuses, beat up. Can respect the child, let a family be full of democratic atmosphere, abound equal.

5. Consistent, do what one says

Mom oneself is consistent, consistent, not easily the requirement of affirmatory child, in every case promises the child's requirement, cash in time.

6. Do chore with one's shoulder to collar, drive the child one case labor, game

The child hopes very much can with mom an activity, give the child the chance, the labor habit that develops the child and life provide for oneself ability, need you drive with do with the body criterion.