Know the child hands in friend to offer good plan for the parent
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Did evildoing how to do

Example: My son handed in the ” of “ bad boy of outside school, they often smoke together, drink, still stole the bicycle of neighbour once. I am enraged so that hit him, let him leave those people, but he does not listen.

A, in order to break off father and son or mother child the relation will coerce 60%

B, look a bit more closely again 25%

C, do not know how to should do 15%

Expert analysis: The child did bad thing, must not be beaten and scold or coerce with severing relationship kissing affection. Some children do bad thing is to stem from curiosity, because some criterion is gone against turn over psychology, do not let me what do more, slant what should do, if the parent still is,come at this moment hard, can make the problem grows in intensity only.

Give you a court: Mix to the child socially the potential and critical shift to an ealier time that ” of “ bad boy interacts make early-warning. Tell the value of child friendship the place, help child undertakes assessment to this paragraph of friendship. Let him answer a few fundamental questions, is for instance this paragraph of friendship mutual beneficial? Safe? These problems can help the child meet his need, guide the child to establish good viewpoint of value and philosophy.

In the meantime, face negative problem directly. If the child and associate did bad thing together, do not answer evasive, face this one problem to be solved actively next directly. Express your opinion, understand the child to be mixed hard at the same time the real demand of these companionate association. If the child breaks off the association with them hard temporarily, can limit their association time first, draft all sorts of association regulation, undertake supervisory.

Solve the skirmish that happens between the child and associate constantly, draft all sorts of association regulation, can avoid bigger conflict effectively appear. Let the child complete home work, arrange some of housework issue to him and supervise and urge he is finished, sleep on time in the evening, these are small measure it seems that, but the hold together that concerns to active family is very important however. You are OK still the association that expresses clearly to object them before his companionate face, the invitation that rejects them for the child so provided excuse: “ my mom does not let I and you play. ”

Confucius differentiates the friend the friend that it is caustic and helpful friend: “ friend is straight, friendly forgive, friend is heard more, beneficial also. Friend monarchs, affable soft, friendly given to flattery, caustic also. ” integrity, good-tempered with knowledge broad and profound friend is defined to be helpful friend, and grumpy, indecisive be defined to be caustic friend with the friend that harbor evil intentions. When young associate of child associate with, with Confucius this kind differentiates for the basis, can have profit greatly.
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