Know the child hands in friend to offer good plan for the parent
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After you opened a head, do not be eager to be being advanced forth, wait a moment a little. Teenage people when facing this kind of situation, can say normally, parents is spoffish, nervily, they are essential inexorable go. But, if you give their enough time to come down calmly, it is clear to convey your meaning convey your meaning adequately, they are final be to be able to make correct judgement.

Child need is admitted with consideration, parents should share the feeling of time, experience and heart jointly with the child. Once the child is comforted from what get they need over there parents, won't arrive to be searched somewhere else. How does side child choose associate?

Do not use beat and scold force child “ break off relations”

Example: Our husband and wife is particularly busy, let daughter and grandfather grandma live together, she as a child by coddle, promote high school quickly now, however with entire school a famous make trouble ghost talks on love! Boy study is then bad, total still love fights. Leave that boy to let her, we thought way, how to hit her to scold her trashy.

A, transfer, the association that stopped two people 55%

B, look for that bad boy to talk 35%

Firm of C, firm is hit, dare not come and go again 10%

Expert analysis: Beat and scold the method that is an extreme, often things go contrary to one's wishes, can make this associate more charming instead. Using transfer to achieve the goal that lets the child leave associate also is not a tweak, be in new school, may the associate with the other and undeserved associate with on the horse. The way that seeks its associate to talk directly can try, but the key is the content that talk and means.

Give you a court: Once encounter child associate with the associate of impropriety, want sober analysis above all, scarcely wants to deny directly, want to show interest when understanding a situation. Just do not ask a few such as “ to who he is, what to do, the problem with the so peripheral ” that knows where, should encourage the child to speak each detail that interacts between he and friend, express the interest that you are willing to be shared jointly with him. Respect and approve the child's idea, although you oppose their contact, also not be eager to letting the child admit your viewpoint. Might as well beautiful time is contacted with the child more, listen attentively to his sound more, hold on to be able to bring positive change.

Still can look for a ” of “ a third party to do persuade the job. But ” of this “ a third party is the person that the parent and child trust certainly. Occurrence child gives in ” of “ bad friend this kind of circumstance, often have two kinds of reasons, one kind is the pressure that the child learns at ordinary times and lives bigger, and meet together with such associate very loosen, without pressure. Another kind of reason may be the child is comparing “ weak ” at ordinary times, get easily of others bully, and such associate can act as the part of Maecenas. So, the parent searchs this does the ” of “ a third party that persuades the job, must stronger, can “ shake lives ” child, let child sense be mixed easily by protection, be willing to hear the word of ” of “ a third party.
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