Know the child hands in friend to offer good plan for the parent
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A, should encourage the child to interact actively with the person 90%

B, should not encourage 5%

C, do not know how to do 5% experts analysis: Actually, if the child can be in alone well, the parent need not encourage him must associate with young associate. But regrettablly, the choice of majority parent is ill-considered. Use force to the child, can let them feel, if oneself do not have the cully that be close friends, parents and teacher are how disappointed. Such, the child can be eager to and any children all round play together, no matter he is appropriate.

Give you a court: Need not be eager to letting the child obtain extensive self-identity, although you feel him,be how alone. The parent can use this time to help the child learn all sorts of skill that can share with other, for instance institutional play chess, musical instrument is performed, the development to music or artistic interest can let the child have the passion that shares together with other, perhaps encourage they join football group or attend gymnastic class, such activity can let child sense be the one part of whole group by oneself, once they had the associate that can share these interest together, also won't the associate with impertinent associate with.

In the meantime, build oneself home into a happy place, is a place that rest not merely. Encounter the dark hour in grow when the child, can think of the place of this safe warmth.

How to make friendly issue with child communication

Example: I discover a daughter a welcome least of all girl very be close friends, teacher and classmate tell a daughter, be together less with this classmate as far as possible, but the daughter is inexorable if we say, how should I do?

A, direct let she and this child break off association 70%

B, talk well with her, but do not know how to talk 30%

Expert analysis: The choice that breaks off association is the instinct of most parent, although do not speak out oneself demand immediately, because do not know how to should say,also be, no less than is odd the choice of 30% parents is same. So, treat the child to select the issue of young associate, the parent that can deal with validly is little little.

Give you a court: The parent should look for the child to talk well, and not be simple gruffly only command child and small companionate discontinuity come and go. Need not allude in the begining the thing of young associate, and begin from other issues. For instance, the child's homework fails to finish on time, you can talk with him, you are how to hope he can have been behaved in the school.

If the child is opposite such beginning that object, you can turn the topic to his small companionate body. Want to tell the child frankly and sincerely, you discover since him after paying new young associate, begin to change: “ if this associate has the action with extraordinary what, I think we are best or say well. ”
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