Know the child hands in friend to offer good plan for the parent
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When seeing ” of bad child of the child and “ often plays together, parenting person cannot tolerate. Bad child ” often does not like those “ go to school, drink difference of result of smoking, study, without courtesy. The child may say, they are better to him than someone else, like to be together with them namely. This kind of moment, what should parents do, what should do? A few problems that investigator chose companionate respect to often be encountered in the child with respect to the parent a few days ago asked 20 parents, ask them to give out countermeasure, result discovery, the way of 90% above parent is not proper.

In advance teaching chooses associate correctly to the child

Example: The daughter often learns very poor child to be together with recently, I hope she and the child that had learned play together, such ability have to the study of herself promote. The daughter learns recently degenerative, affirmation and the small companionate study that she interacts are bad to matter.

A, told the child not to come and go with that associate 85%

The B, parents that finds that child, the child that tells them to want to had been in charge of them 15%

Expert analysis: Two kinds of parents' only alternatives effect of it doesn't matter. The child is degenerative, should seek an account from oneself first, and cannot censure someone else blindly, cannot be in more when understanding a situation, find the parents of child associate, let a problem expand, become acute. Actually, of a child grow, be affected companionately not just, same meeting is come from parental influence.

Give you a court: the child degenerative reason end is the undesirable effect that sufferred ” of “ bad child, result not only at job of no help, still be equal to the child that is oneself maleficent looked for an excuse. Cannot get on oneself standard apply mechanically to child body, those who observe the child is understanding, companionate, but do not make conclusions easily, cannot serve as the standard of the choice in order to learn the stand or fall of achievement simply more.

Why must when discover the child is outer associate with undeserved associate, when does he become does if face the ground like archenemy to check,the parent just begin hurry-scurry when is mystery shifty-eyed? If can nip in the bud, everything can be gotten simply much.

Should how is in advance teaching mixed to the child associate gets along, communicate with him, the demand that discusses him and bewilderment, do not wait see danger signal appeared gift is hurried ” of “ accept a challenge. The parent should be clear about those who do what to is this, what ought not to be done. Unless you have sufficient reason to believe, the behavior of the child that make friend is extremely dangerous, do not interfere him otherwise.

Do not use force to the child

Example: The son goes up first one hind, I and his mom encourage him to be mixed more young associate people get along, make a few good friends, cannot think of, this boy handed in the playmate with a very wrong moral character in the school, troublesome all the time and ceaseless. Encounter this kind of situation, parents think ——
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