Harm 10 kinds of the oldest words and deeds to the child
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In the world does not have which parents not to love his child, they are full of love to children, can be in however sometimes innocently harm is caused to the child in the way one speaks or what he says. American famous psychologist Jinuote divides these harm 10 kinds:
One, invective- - goofy, lying, useless thing.
2, affront- - you are a trash simply.
3, blame- - you did bad thing again, be fully bad really.
4, depressive- - Pull in your ears! ! How are you not obedient?
5, force- - I say to be no good be no good.
6, minatory- - I again also without giving thought to you, those who follow you good.
7, suppliance- - beg you to be not done good so again?
8, complain- - you do this kind of thing, made me sad appear really.
9, boodle- - if you take an examination of 100 minutes, I buy bike to you.
10, acid- - you can go really, can make this kind of issue unexpectedly.
Contrast above these 10, probably the snout that a lot of parents can discover him from which. Perhaps you once also were saying to pass similar word inadvertently, hurt the child's heart, so, make from now, avoid to use this kind of snout and your child to talk as far as possible.