Ask the advantage of family education
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Below the case that the parent permits in economic condition, ask a family education for the child, advantage is self-evident. Baconian rise, have the following, can offer reference.   

The first, can fill in time on defective knowledge. Current, the study burden with strange middle and primary school all heavier. New knowledge is much, exercise amount is large. To the child, hard to avoid has a few things that cannot digest. Here the circumstance falls, if cannot fill is deficient in knowledge in time,rise, certainly will creates vicious circle, the thing that does not understand presses more more. Ask family education to be able to make up for the inadequacy of this respect.

The 2nd, ask family education to be able to specific aim ground gives lessons alone. The teacher goes up in classroom, the standard that can face most classmate only and plan give lessons, impossible reach every aspect of a matter. And thinking the fellow student with slower, younger acceptance, below this kind of circumstance, meeting feeling listens remove a class to come very demanding. Often be the response of a few words that the teacher gives lessons comes nevertheless, immediately with respect to lose the interest that continues to listen downward. Contrary, tutor gives lessons face-to-face, and there already was knowledge to student level before giving lessons, criterion specific aim is stronger, stay to the student have sufficient consideration room, the pupil learns in this kind of environment, the mood can be loosened come down, the efficiency nature of study can rise greatly.

The 3rd, can strengthen the interest that learns poorer student and confidence. Tutor is in when facing a student to give lessons alone, the mood is corresponding the ground also very loosen, won't have nervous, impatient wait for a mood. And the study interest that seasoned teacher can increase a student with humorous language. Learn poorer student to have certain self-abased mentality mostly, the teacher can help them establish a self-confident heart in give lessons. These are hard to get on classroom at ordinary times.

The 4th, the undesirable study that can correct a student is used to, make the student masters accurate study method. Learn poorer fellow student, outside removing intellective factor, be in mostly long in formed such and such undesirable study to be used to. And for the parent that works to doing education, discover him child is studying the certain corrupt practice on very hard. Tutor differred, they are depending on professional competence and rich experience, can discover the problem is in instantly, help a student correct undesirable habit in exert a subtle influence on, make its are filling on homework while, master accurate study method gradually. Ask the parent to join the real case of own child, whether does the consideration ask family education to the child.

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