Psychological doctor says: Did not grow without the crisis
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Mom is saying, because mom is afraid that he himself says to not be clear about, be afraid that the doctor can misunderstand his meaning. Say according to this him boy, he all the time
Fear makes a mistake, fear to take an exam the requirement of parents of fractional short of, feel to leave him parents whats are no good. After going to Japan not
It is OK to can ask “ mother to I am again such ” , feel suddenly to cannot find ego.

The association of “ child and parents, be social association actually begin. Parents monopolizes too much replace, make the child always is in
In ask for advice, the position that is indicated, make the opportunity that choose and decides without oneself, cannot give the child the sense that communicates with equality, that
he learns very hard also to interact with others equality in the future. Such child self-awareness is fragile, very spellbound to the evaluation of ego. He
ego is complete in the eyes of others, in the teacher praise in, in parental satisfaction, once environment or case go somewhat
Change, was criticized by the teacher, was scolded by parents, can accept hard, break down even. Such example already had many cables
Path. ” plum merit say.

“ since the person can get growing in the crisis, so why in front did mentioned boy shrink back before the crisis however? ”
The reporter asks.

“ had been been used to because of him solve a problem for him by parents. ” plum merit further explanation says, if parents makes the child reviews
Be used to the life that “ wants to have ” , any requirements of the child can get satisfaction easily, perhaps let him think the conflict that encounter and
Dissatisfactory metropolis has parents to be solved for him, so he is met inactive when encountering a setback escape, shirk responsibility, is not to believe from
Oneself, and actively adjusts state of mind, meet a challenge.

Although “ child is you are unripe, but he belongs to him himself after all, belong to a society, he should be assumed independently after all from
Life responsibility of oneself, you monopolize impossibly the lifetime that replaces him. ” plum merit the doctor hopes to pass a reporter, make more parents
Understand this reason.

A person handles the ability of the crisis, depend on greatly the experience that handles the crisis before. The ability of the life is not by
Generate for nothing, it needs to be in specific life practice little ground education, obtain. If you do not have an attention to rear the child as a child
Answer the ability of problem of “ small ” independently, for instance, the life provides for oneself basically ability; The small attrition between him processing and classmate;
Reasonable arrangement off hours, etc, so, you can expect how again in his life in future, can handle well human close
Does department, marriage love contradictory, career to choose such “ big ” problem?
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