Psychological doctor says: Did not grow without the crisis
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The world does father and mother, hope oneself child does not have disease to do not have place of calamity, suitable smoothly to be brought up for certain, children of for fear that have a rough time eat
Deficient, so many parents are in the process that rears the child, can replace the child innocently to resist of purpose certain ought by the child from
Oneself faced difficulty and setback. However, the plum of outpatient service of psychology of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital merit the doctor offers different view however.

“ psychologist thinks, did not grow without the crisis, the child should bear from small society setback and crisis. Our
Much parents, do not give the child such chance however now. ” plum merit say.

The “ crisis ” that psychologist place says, it is to show a person is in the life and the encounter in the process major difficulty that grow, as a result of this
Kind difficulty is the resource that Laiyi solves a problem before him and ability place cannot payable, because this meeting brings enormous psychological pressure and feeling
Mood worry. But crisis itself has active sense however, it is in the turning point that grow also is brought while the person brings pressure. Because of
For, the person is only in the effort that bear and overcomes difficulty, ability is deep-felt those who experience life is tenacious with great, and, be in only this
In the process of appearance, ability can discover the inadequacy of oneself more, develop latent capacity then, learn new mastery of a skill or technique, perfect ego.

And such educational idea still cannot be everybody possibly what to take seriously and be accepted. In the adolescent of outpatient service of Sino-Japanese hospital psychology,
Many parents in be being taught as a result of the family namely monopolize replace overmuch, make the opportunity that the child does not have ” of fall of how many “ as a child,
Because this also makes,the child lost the chance that grows in all sorts of “ fall ” . This not only block up child socialization process, still guide
Those who send child personality development is diseased.

Plum merit discussed a such case: Have a boy of 16 years old, study success is very remarkable, japanese and English have
The level that comparative, in the home as it happens sends him to go to Japan learning conditionally. Who knows him to show serious anxiety before long to Japan
And depressed, cannot treat oneself life at all. Bout arrives beside parents, all symptoms disappeared. In the home very anxious,
Take him to see psychological outpatient service. Classics understanding, the parents of this child is an intellectual, be in charge of very severely to him as a child, the place that where to read learns
School, make friend with who, can want to be decided by parents with girl contact. When seeing a doctor even, his thing basically is Mom
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