The parent reads surely: Allow 15 terms of lifetime of child benefit from
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1, economical: The rope curiums wood is broken, constant effort brings success, those who lean is perseverance and abiding. It is such more sparely, a day of one money, 1000 days of 1000 money, it is one of the directest and efficient ways that accumulate wealth sparely. Should make this statement to the child look with behavior, tell the child to listen with patience. This is significant to his lifetime perhaps.

2, healthy: If the body of neither one health, dream of a lot of lives can be a dream only. Healthy body, healthy up the life that the thought can let a person is in groove. Want an education in preexistence trifling matters of everyday life and the idea that develop health as parents, give child nurturance science, healthy habits and customs, affect his lifetime this time.

3, contemporary: The modernization of the life and working concept, vogue is changed, individuation can make you total is the forward position that changes at society and life, make you always maintain a kind contemporary, up state of mind. The child grows in manage of this kind of atmosphere, can conduce to him getting used to the environment of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye very quickly, reduce needless setback thereby.

4, friendly affection: A family also should value the education of group spirit very, from beginning to end the concept of ” of aggrandizement Home “ . The family can let in this kind of atmosphere each member learns mutual care, unitive friendly affection, this also is one of main factors of domestic happiness probably. Answer via livelihood meaning, management life such.

5, aspirant: Do not enter retreat. Want above all as parents aspirant, from state of mind, from the action. We should tell the child timelily: Place footfall is regressive namely.

6, crisis feeling: This is the source of the motive force that makes a person aspirant. When doing not have a competitor we want him setting to be “ fictitious enemy ” , make oneself is in crisis condition, this meeting lets a person forever sensible, sober. But we are done not have necessary because this is privative it is good that the child plays a skin the nature that alter!

7, think: Correct reflection means, accurate reflection direction can make a person little take roundabout way, keep rapid, benign development. To be the child that grow, this kind of correct, accurate reflection ability comes from parents, teacher and society to intermediary guides correctly and be taught.

8, respect property: A job that deserves you to be engaged in is to be worth your valued, want to respect oneself work above all as parents so, if you think you are arousing the passion that does not have you in the job that pursue, you still had better change a job that deserves you to do, this is in benignantly to the development of you and child. Of course, you respected your work, working itself just can bring you redound.

9, appreciate: You are planted to the life next what kind of seeds, you will harvest what kind of flower. Parents wants to conceive a sentiment that appreciate to the life above all, thank the happiness of life itself, the person that thanks those to give you the help and those need the person that you help, teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution these the child of the child that gives oneself or others.
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