How is help child cast off depressed?
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The child that realises you is put in pressure in the life, patient ground and their analysis solves these problems is necessary to every parents. Of course, you solve children impossibly all problems in the life, but the proposal that you can think the child offers processing issue, help them grow be joy, having good the person that gets used to ability.

Do not control ” to father too to child “ , might as well let the child be in different age paragraph have different option. Be like, child of 2 years old allows to choose lunch what to eat, what dress is worn when child of 3 years old allows to choose to go into the street, child of 4 years old allows to choose a holiday where to go to playing, child of 5 years old allows to tell to buy what toy, child of 6 years old allows to choose to see …… of what TV program enjoy the child that selects “ democracy ” as a child only, ability can feel happy and free-standing.

Encourage the child to make friend more. Farouche child mostly disposition is depressed, because do not enjoy to the warmth of friendship alone anguish. Introvert, depressed child should meet a few nature more more optimistic, hopeful with age friend.

Church child and other are harmonious get along. As harmonious as other get along the disposition that conduces to education joy, because as harmonious as other in heart of the person that get along relatively bright. Parents can guide the child to contact the person of different age, sexual distinction, disposition, profession and social class, make their society and different person harmonious get along. In addition, him parents should get along with other harmonious, entertain a guest enthusiasticly, need a person sincerely, establish a good example to the child.
The life shoulds not be beyond the mark and abundant. What material lives is costly the psychology that can make the child produces a kind of take a candy from a baby instead, and the pursuit to material often hard ego is contented, this is why hog mostly not happy real reason. Contrary, those children that live average life often should get a toy only, they can play very livelily.

Make child hobby extensive. The joy in optimistic and hopeful child heart comes from each respects, if a child is only a kind of hobby, he maintains long joy very hard, just think: If the child that loves to watch TV only looks without proper TV program that evening. He is met sullen. Having a child is a book confusing, but if he returns activity of can zealous sports, or raise puppy, or attend histrionic, so his life will become more rich and colorful, from this he inevitable also more happy.

Guide the child to cast off predicament. Although the nature is hopeful the person is impossible also at every turn is gratified flexibly, but they mostly very can fast from frustrated in rise afresh, lose temporarily dismay after the head. Parents had better be when the child is very small the ability that develops them to deal with predicament and even adversity with respect to act carefully. If still cannot cast off predicament temporarily, can teach the child to learn to be mixed restrainedly so happy-go-lucky, or another spirit are searched to place in predicament, if play motion, game, chat etc.
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