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Saw a story today, the title is: American parent Yo the activity that more of parents of new trend —— participates in children. Alleged new trend, it is an a few impediment cross dinner hind not to watch TV nevertheless, tell about however respective experience of a day. But it is this, a lot of families beside us may be not accomplished.

Should say, current parent is the parent that pays close attention to the child most, especially front courtyard of singleton the bride's side, the child's position is sovereign probably. Litres small to be faced with first, in take an examination of, the family of the pressure such as the university entrance exam, it is everything is a center with the child more, everything turns round the child. This appears also give no cause for more criticism. The problem is to be in these effort, lacked a very serious content it seems that, communicate and communicate with the child namely.

Some parents shift the responsibility that teachs the child to the school, eat and drink simply to the child etc. Some children began to send put one's child in a boarding nursery from nursery school, elementary school, middle school also is such. Weekly end just returns time of home, or is by move the child's strength comes, be willing what to do to follow him, or is supervising and urge namely feigned course of study, prepare lessons before class. A few parents are general understanding only to the child's circumstance, do not understand a bit even. Ask the child a few, the child also is muddle through one's work. Catch up with adolescent child and grumpy parent, a word is on bad terms, noisy rose, be troubled by everybody is unpleasantly.

Some parents discharge the child's program completely. Many child mornings have breakfast on the road that goes to the school, the word is being carried on the back on the road that some children make a round trip, drive exercise; Work is done after the child comes home, the parent also is not considered go up what to say with the child; On the weekend, the parent is taking the child to resemble driving run quickly like field coach class. Some parents see the child's time very preciously, basically do not have ” of what “ gibberish, if study result became good, other be indifferent to.

The child is the child, in a lot of respects immature, need the parent's help and channel more in mentally especially, the encouragement on need parent spirit and comfort. The communication of parents and child and communication not only OK and promotional mutual the feeling between, still conduce to the child releasing pressure, adjust state of mind, gentle mood. Pass close communication and communication, the parent can in time master the child's circumstance, take corresponding the way to deal with a situation, discover the problem is solved in time.

I put forward when to consult for everybody so. It is to should realize with the child communication, communication necessity is mixed importance, much communication of try every means and child, often communicate. 2 be communicate and communicating is two-way, interactive, is not the parent's what I say goes. 3 it is to notice to build good, harmonious conversational atmosphere. 4 it is special attention respects the child, not with situation pressing person, think the truth is in father hand. 5 it is to invite child dehisce conversation, guide more, little rebuke, encourage the child to speak out his think of a way. 6 it is to raise empty requirement less, talk about specific proposal more. Help child masters the examination works or the skill of examination paper. 7 it is to catch put greatly small. To problem of principle of a few sideshow, blame, negligible not plan. To crucial question, also want method of means of be particular about.
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