Learn 12 of English classical gist
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The 9th gist: Special attention the pronunciation that Chinese does not have

Some pronunciation are done not have in Chinese in English, these also are the pronunciation with our English the most bemused learner, for example the pronunciation of “th” , special attention wants when delivering this kind of news mouth correct.

The 10th gist: Recite celebrity speech poetry, look for opportunity iteration

Good speech is using word dispatch demit to go up not only beg its beautiful and pay attention to communication force and conviction particularly, it is the optimal teaching material that practices English expression. Learner will not deliver a speech surely word from A to Z recital, the paragraph that should choose oneself to like only or sentence will carry on the back can. For example: The logion “Ask Not of Kennedy president

What Your Country Can Do For You, ask What You Can Do For Your Country. ”(does not ask what your country can do for you, want to ask what you can do for your country. ) this kind clever Yan Jia sentence after the back became much, to talking, writing can have not little help.

Eleventh gist: Overcome pronouncing weakness with English tongue twister

Tongue twister (Tongue Twisters) constant easy and promiscuous or the sound that reads aloud a fault is put together. But often appear with ballad or rhyming form because of them, because of after this is learned by heart, also can feeling read smoothly is Orphean. So English tongue twister can regard an exercise as English pronunciation and conversational auxiliary teaching material.

Dozenth gist: Write down a few humorous jest more, prepare to apply at any time

Love to listen to the nature that jest is a person, in social situation at any time insert on a few jest, can make atmosphere relaxed and lively, win friendship more easily. The circumstance of use English, what can use jest to eliminate his to speak more is uneasy, enhance oneself the confidence of conversational to English ability.

Listen, the profit of jest of English of become reconciled research is distant still more than and such. More important is, you are OK Jie is worn the understanding that the compact character in humour or jest or language increase pair of western country culture and society. Look please below two example:

1.Teenager:&Rdquo;I”m Off To The Party. ”

(teenager: I should go to “ attend a party ” . I should go to “ attend a party ” ..

Father:&Rdquo;Well, have A Good Time. ”

(Father: “ wishs you those who play is glad. ” )

Teenager:&Rdquo;Look Dad, don”t Tell Me What To Do! ”

(Teenager: “ hey, father, do not tell me what to should do. ” )

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