Learn 12 of English classical gist
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The 5th gist: From TV, english learns in the film

Watch English TV, the film can know the culture of Hesperian and life not only, and also be study tunnel English and the main chance that increase English audition. Chosen film had better be what be setting with modern life is literary piece or comedic piece. If your audition is pretty good, want nurturance not to watch the convention of caption. What degree differs a bit is not loath oneself, otherwise the good intention affection that English did not learn to destroy appreciation film into instead. Below this kind of circumstance, you can see caption understand gut first (if be the TV program is about to be recorded first then,come down) , look to come several times afresh again, your audition can fall in relaxed mood, rise quickly as the increase that you realize gut.

The 6th gist: Perform film clue with the friend

In English study, we chat via often can making an appointment to use English with friend or classmate will increase English conversation capacity, but the language that often feels oneself is indigent, what talk content finite. Might as well now try this kind of method: The “ that place of the section before cooperating tells from TV, english ” learns in the film, pick one or more part according to film clue section first, individual make choice of a part, look in film next ripe later try to become a written language and carry actor's lines transcribe on the back, undertake rehearse is performed finally. Often do this kind of exercise, have profit greatly to English conversation and audition not only, and antonym law and writing also are very good take exercise.

The 7th gist: Recite English poem

English is fluent depend on master correctly to rhythm. The stress that presses word and sentence will divide rhythm divide English. English poem is one of best material that practice English rhythm. For example the) of “The Daffodils”(daffodil with famous Worsworth: “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud/That Floats

I resemble On High O”er Vales And Hills…”(a Bai Yun loafs about alonely, wave cross canyon is mixed group of weak strong rhythm that hill ……) is a model. After learning by heart, read aloud aloud, certain benefit blame is shallow.

The 8th gist: Sing learn English

More effective than reciting English poem is to sing English song. Sing English song to be able to help you practice pronunciation (Pronunciation) , dialect (Intonation) and rhythm (Rhythm) , can let you carry very can much word and sentence pattern on the back below very happy mood again, it is with one action is counted really. Picks English song is best the language is beautiful, syntactic and normal. At first is OK from children's folk proceed with, again gradually learn to sing lyric song. Before learning to sing, should recite libretto a few times first follow tape to learn to sing again, sing ripe hind it is better to can be carried on the back.
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