Firmly control learns a method to learn high school chemistry easily
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Develop good habit
Want from tall since the first one chemical class, be built and hold to necessary study convention. Good prepare lessons before class is made before the class, mark note of good prepare lessons before class, answer good prepare lessons before class ponders over a problem; Attend class dedicated attend a lecture, do Orphean class to take notes, improve efficiency of attend a lecture; Class hind does study brief summary in time; Complete work independently on time, undertake the summary of all sorts of knowledge skill in time, baconian choose examination paper, collect classical good subject and build complex problem this. The understanding that pays attention to knowledge and apply, impose a practice frequently, accomplish be good at doubt. Learn new period to want to dare to enquire, the fluctuation connection in knowledge is mediumer should dare ask a question, in summary the otherwise in inducing is broken examine minutely.

Take chemical experiment seriously

Chemistry is a course that is a foundation with the experiment. Chemical experiment forms chemical concept for the student, master chemical theory to provide perceptual knowledge, effectively help student examines and consolidate solidify learns knowledge, chemical skill, conduce to education student observing ability and thinking ability. Classmates should study the purpose of every experiment, principle seriously, study particular operation measure, phenomenon of exact record experiment, the analysis reachs experimental conclusion, complete experimental report in time. When doing a test sedulous, diligent at starting work, serious observation, be good at beat one's brains, exercise devising experimental plan independently.

Ego is Baconian summary

Above all, sum up in time. Accomplish every class summary, sum up every week, every unit is summed up. An unit study ends, summary is property of unit and important matter, chemical equational, phenomenon, utility, existence, make take method and differentiate wait (learn) unitly each like elemental compound. Computation is formulary related proper motion derivation, the rule changes related derivation (be like " law of cycle of corporeal composition element " study) of knowledge. Pass proper motion derivation, to knowledge of key, main force the system will have deep knowledge, can build good ABC.

Next, concentration is comparative, strengthen memory. Wait to mix scattered knowledge easily like phenomenon of the color of common material, local name, experiment, can induce by oneself, comparative memory. Common chemical computation problem also can be together centrally, the suitable scope of the method such as the experience conservation law, relation law, law that need a capacity, average law, extreme value law and apply.

Altogether, high school joins chemically first is knowledge not only join, be study method more join, ought to supplement each other, each other is promote. Be about to step the classmates of high school school gate, the big inning that had better use summer vacation reviews knowledge of chemistry of high school of prepare lessons before class of knowledge of chemistry of junior high school. Believe to pass oneself effort, affirmation can learn course of high school chemistry.
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