English is read should master author intent ability to avoid to disturb an influ
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Fallible dot scans

1. When reading, failed to master the theme of the article or ignore a text.

2. When becoming a problem, know only firstly, do not know secondly.

Example is analysed

[example] (2007 Chongqing) Jack Brown, an Office Worker, lives In Washington. He Inherited(accedes) A Million Dollars When He Was 23, but He Wasn’t Happy At All. ……﹩ of He Gave 10, beneficent orgnaization of 000 Of His Money To A Charity() To Help Poor Children Live A Better Life. Today He Is 36. He Still Wears Cheap Shoes And Clothes And Drives A Small Car Only, but He Is Very Happy. ……

Article last problem: What’s The Main Idea Of The Story?

A. Help Others, and You Will Feel Happy.

B. It’s Necessary To Write Letters To Poor Children.

C. Live A Simple Life, and You Can Give Others Help.

D. It’s The Most Important To Help The Children In Africa.

[typical mistake] B, C, D

[because the fault is analysed] article subject cannot be tackled closely when reading, perhaps did not hold an author to compose the real intent of this article, remembered a few odd facts only and deviate gist orbit. The B of the subject, C, D involved the child of poverty-stricken to perhaps help the topic of others, but the meaning that is one-sided understanding article.

[right answer] A.

[Baconian extend] Baconian to thought of topic of this kind of article problem, classmates should notice to fathom the major idea of the author that writes intent and article, avoid by all means is one-sided, narrow extend the meaning or restatement simply in article certain content, avert other interference thereby influence.