20 the university entrance exam are important experience
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8. Work should absorption, what to do no matter, no matter learn or it is amuse oneself, want of hundred absorption, study need not arrive when such playing, when learning, won't think of to play, ability will be not painful, just meet calm.

9. Work want in a planned way, complete the work in the plan everyday, be free from anxiety more in the heart, the calm is gotten much. Study cannot make fatigue fight, had assured to sleep amply eye. Do not feel tall to 3 time do not exercise closely. Do not become fat person in high school, it is to faint really in that way. Depressed, often fall ill the loss outweights the gain!

10. Institutional option is very important. High school 3 years, no matter buy class foreign capital to expect or reads extracurricular book, want to learn to choose. The data buys to do, and get even fully. Extracurricular book is too large too of common do not look, popular novel should look less, browse only, know probably enough, otherwise too wasteful money is mixed time, criticize even by the teacher.

11. Hold a kind of good study position at any time, not egregious and relaxed, can indulge oneself not to learn in that way, faineant finally. Bored to death. Empty loneliness.

12. Having traitorous idea and operation is normal, but be in please traitorous when, after thinking graduation oneself.

13. Do not learn to count manage to change for save trouble, because science department is no good,just do not choose to read liberal art. Do not think very academic it may not be a bad idea studies liberal art, that is a crammer.

14. Cherish time of high school gold. Do not draw near what the university entrance exam just knows time is important, high school is not you grow what envisage in that way, do beforehand to think the value is undeserved first, do not waste valuable time on general affairs of indifferent without fixed duties.

15. Miss oneself original dream constantly. Should knowing to read is why, that is the motivation of study, no longer confused, no longer interrogative, insist to keep stepping down.

16. High school study must want to be thrown continuously. Do not be in tall in a few parties, amuse oneself attending in the illusion of all day long in adolescence temporarily, spend, to second year in high school confused, tall 3 regret, alas Gao Sancai remembers hard, struggle it is too difficult to rise!

17. Want high to learn to suit, institutional study; Second year in high school should learn dug, not follow the general trend; Tall 3 want persistence, believing difficulty is temporary, mark and position rise is your the greatest pleasure.

18. Tall temporarily even if the reciprocal on the class 10, but should struggle only, before achieving 15 are very hopeful, we a such example is not little.

19. Tall one, second year in high school also should treat study seriously, for tall 3 found, ability of such Gao Sanxue be used to are more relaxed.
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