Study and memory times added integrated training method
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The times added study motive that trains can incentive person integratedly mixes study and memory interest, arouse study potential of the person, can twice is severalfold even improve study result. Consult the memorial law of American Si Taien, will long instead is undermentioned and integrated train, study remembers the keyword that trains integratedly to be: Believe, longing, visualize, command, review.

1. With confidence.

Believe you are capable to understand and remember what learning knowledge. Sturdy self-confident heart can make cerebrum nerve activity red-blooded, arouse cerebrum potential, make cerebrum activity faces towards your target tries hard. The most important when learn and be being remembered is the confidence that should be full of memory and determination. If do not have this kind of self-confidence, cerebral cell activity can be restrained, once cerebral cell active is restrained, memory is met slow, memorial effect is reduced greatly. Be certain the wisdom potential of own cerebra is capable that understanding remembers what learning content, learn with confidence, the effect has been met surely.

2. Made visualize can help memory.

The content that will remember in brains appears with clear image come out, read aloud again one, 2. Can activation so the active of whole cerebra, make consciousness is mixed subconscious be aware of somewhat to remembering content, arrange memorial data to appropriate cerebrum place directly, enhance memorial result thereby, the content with dramatic image also draws application easily. If can learn intellectual concept to place,understand accurate, make build form intellectual dot to be arranged by administrative levels, the structure of integral knowledge network that has immanent connection, often undertake figure of integral knowledge structure emerge, that will obtain first-rate study result.

3. Longing remembers it, determination is written down can remember.

Desirous study, the desire is strong, eagerly, can activation the relevant place of person head has memory, enhance memorial result greatly, as long as you are resolved write down, can firmly learns everything, the key depends on you be determined to write down, have this kind to long for. Hope the content that remember can remember. Have a small key, the person must notice some thing above of at least 8 seconds, ability learns that thing. Those who be determined to add small doohickey to write down is firmer.

4. Reach from time to time to often be reviewed, or call a loop to recall a way, the law is revised before forgetting.

Only hope and the word that be determined and do not learn, that also is empty, cannot do well study. Pay attention to a method even in study, good method can improve study result greatly. Good method has a lot of, often be reviewed in time even if among them. After study as soon as possible repeat, before sleeping in the evening that day, be reviewed again and can recollect come out, review again in the morning the following day, recollect. Alleged often be being reviewed is to point to, 2 an a week, month, months, one semester is reviewed each and recollect too. Can learn place content to store firm and abidingly so in cerebrum. Someone says, this is reviewed a chain ofly can make memory enhances fourfold above.
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