Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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It is to undertake deep administrative levels is analysed next, what is seeing the real reason that is concealed below the idea that lose cent.

Be like “ careful to inscribe wrong ” is the main reason that numerous classmate loses cent, is wanting further analysis carelessness is those who cause still time is used not quite those who cause? Be psychological insecurity have those who cause not understand a title to cause at all? Because calm situation causes thinking,also may be of course. ” forgetting when be being taken an examination of like “ again also is the common cause that lose cent. So, it is to know write down not firm, too nervous still? It is too fatigue (the body is bad) , or is thinking not quite nimble (did not think of at all) ? Generally speaking, all sorts of specific reasons are general but method of manner of classify knowledge base, study, study, psychology and fitness and 5 fields prepare before taking an examination of.

Finally is formulate rectifies and reform measure.

Without concrete step, light says “ will want hard to learn ” to be equal to henceforth do not say. In find out the base that seeks the exact cause that lose cent to go up, can specific aim tackles main problem, make rectify and reform measure specificly, finish the study of one phase with this guidance. Of course, likewise important is the following action.

Enchanted be inferior to the action. Again good study method, be united in wedlock with the characteristic photograph of every student oneself only, have translate into only the day-to-day operation of every student, ability can produce positive result. Here, the author sends word sincerely each Gao Sanwen divisions are unripe: A person can offer “ the largest contribution of another person, it is to help him learn self-help ” , I already endeavored, see you now!

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