Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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The 4th, understand to what carrying knowledge on the back to want do one's best.

The knowledge that did not understand remembers very hard, the knowledge that did not understand cannot apply more. Current historical the university entrance exam, the requirement identifies the historical knowledge of emersion again, the character that won't have copied teaching material is stated, passed the changeover of language or form however, doing not have understanding is very difficult identify emersion again. Even if choose a topic, often also should pass analysis, Baconian, conclude with integrated ability quite.

The 5th, want to often be reviewed.

3, the summary after taking an examination of

Need not dare not or would not speak up, enter tall 3 hind, liberal art is unripe people will enter take an examination of the sea, want to be accompanied with exam photograph everyday almost. In this process, many students are with have no alternative of inactive state of mind the ground is opposite only, because drift with the tide however, even by embezzle.

On vast sea the voyage wants compass how-to course. Taking an examination of the crossing in the sea, also need otherwise to break ground differentiate Qing Dynasty and corrective course, this needs to sum up. The summary after taking an examination of, take an examination of the compass in the sea namely, its meaning is self-evident.

What to sum up?

It is to should summarize exam result.

Want to learn correctly look upon mark through summary. Have mark of correct look upon only, just won't be blindfolded by the mark your a mind which perceives both past and future, and dedicated the process at study, dedicated Yu Yun hides in the secret of fractional backside.

2 it is to should sum up exam gain and loss.

Find out reason of success or failure from which, this is the central task that after taking an examination of, sums up. Study is costly of course be in hard process, but the mark is knowledge and skill level after all is indicative one of, hard the course is reasonable often also can the upper part of the body come out now in the mark. Accordingly, have to take summary seriously.

3 it is the effort that places level truly through summary direction.

Celebrity has talk, if fly,can surpass half step however the person of go astray. So, be determined ought to be to be after understanding circumstance. On the other hand, understood a situation, do not have the action of have a definite object in view however, summary also does not have any real significances. Accordingly, the effort that one stage leaves certainly on the foundation that should be good at be being summed up direction.

How to sum up?

It is to press certain project classification above all, undertake counting manage statistic next, find out the main field that lose cent.

If can establish “ to understand far from,” , “ forgot to master not accurate ” , “ carelessness ” and “ careful to inscribe the project such as wrong ” when ” , “ is taken an examination of, undertake classified to losing cent entirely, reach the rate that lose cent, can understand the main factor that lose cent roughly so. Also can establish ” of term of ” of district of “ character ” , “ incident ” , “ time ” , “ , “ and “ to evaluate the project such as ” to undertake classified statistic, find out oneself weak point. The schoolboy often loses cent in domain of “ time ” , the schoolgirl often loses cent in domain of “ district ” . Still can establish “ China country of ”“ of mordern history of China of archaic history ”“ history the project such as ” of ”“ world mordern history and ” of “ world contemporary history undertakes classified statistic. Generally speaking, world history often weakness.
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