Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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Brillant jack-tar of course won't evasive sea, also won't flood in the sea. Successful Gao Sanwen division is born also won't be helpless only the ground drifts with the tide in inscribing the sea, pass the effort of oneself however, amid cleave through the waves, reach booked destination smoothly thereby.

Face vast “ to inscribe sea ” , should how accept a challenge?

The first it is “ holds the post of it to grow water 3000 lis, I am taken only among them one spoon ” .

The 2nd exercise that is the proper motion design that should take a teacher seriously to decorate is inscribed.

The 3rd it is to hold to ” of “ economize to avoid running short.

The 4th, want serious research to typical subject.

3, efficient 4 of ground study history basic approaches

Tall the study of 3 has a year only, time is close, the task is heavy, besides capture 5 afore-mentioned link, if want to achieve bigger result inside limited time, the author suggests to want from the following 4 ways are made hard.

1, the arrangement of time

2, remember ability rise

So, how can ability increase your memorial capacity?

The first, want establish self-confidence heart.

Want to believe science, believe oneself can remember. The miracle often arises at self-confidence, produce Yu Jian to hold. Actually, classmates are full of self-confidence to his memorial capacity is well-founded. Allegedly, napoleon can remember the face of each soldiers and full name. Amazing memory is not Napoleon place is particular of course. Study according to experts, the whole world on the world before the information content cardinal principle that the brain of a person can learn is equivalent to eye of each library collect books quantity (-726692480) , average person developed the ability of about 4% only, 10% what if can use person place,have capacity, you will be become preterhuman.

The 2nd, want to undertake choice and classify to what learning knowledge, divide administrative levels knowledge to write down again on this foundation.

It is to want to dare and be good at undertaking accepting or reject to knowledge above all, hold a key as far as possible. Should dare to be not the knowledge of the key oversight. Because the essence of “ talent knows this oversight namely,this is some what ” . In 31 years tall you must decide what knowledge needs to master in study, what is negligible, want to want to learn to have judgement and choice by the requirement that check key link consequently. It is minute of administrative levels next, the knowledge that can choose the course and decides differentiates appropriate administrative levels, decide corresponding learning process and knowledge summary are begged.

The 3rd, want reasonable with the head.

Alleged and reasonable, it is the course that should review different property alternately, if unity and coherence in writing is alternant, the history and geography are alternant, this can make the different position of pallium by turns excitement and restrain, be helpful for remembering the buildup of ability and development; 2 be write down in optimal time knowledge, should arrange commonly in the morning, face in the evening before sleeping or it is hour of meal second half hind, among them the key is a morning, the line that “ remembers depends on a morning ten minutes ” , ten minutes in the morning, a hour when can be equivalent to a late night.
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