Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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The 3rd be decide and study a target with all sorts of mark lay off, the be clear at a glance when be being reviewed in order to facilitate in the future, can make clear main intellectual point more.

2, review after the prepare lessons before class before the class and class

The prepare lessons before class before the class is the basics that learns new tax efficiently, but many liberal art are born is negligence to all along of prepare lessons before class of teaching material, it is if really ever since doing not know for certain when attend a lecture is discursive even, be obliged to busy teacher of accept sth uncritically's tuitional thing. Do not start the prepare lessons before class before the class, besides the reason on understanding, time is too nervous also be objective reason. Actually, if want to form the ability that thinks independently, master the active advantageous position of study, make study enters benign loop, hold the prepare lessons before class before taller efficiency has to take a class seriously.

3, attend a lecture

Attend a lecture, it is to point to listen attentively to, be the term is drawn with the head in pointing to the process that listening or sentence meaning, fact and concept understand on this foundation, remember its translate into as far as possible.

Attend a lecture, it is one of main ways that show level student to gain knowledge, also be whether one of important segment that realize efficient study.

4, note

Why should mark note? Research makes clear, class hind checks immediately, 50% what average student can remember teacher lecture content, can remember only after 48 hours 25% among them, lie between the two farewell after week to recall, remember have 8.4% only about.

Without doubt, write down note to conduce to eye, ear, head, hand cooperating closely, a variety of organs stimulate cerebrum, conduce to concentration energy, think actively, aggrandizement memory, improve study result thereby. However, the function of note is more than still hereat, because the teacher is on classroom,the content that interpret and teaching material photograph are compared, can have administrative levels sex, logic more sometimes, or be more show simple and easy understand.

Say commonly, tall the capacity of 3 classes is bigger. Look from technical angle, 16K of appropriate preparation appropriative takes notes originally, write relatively comfortable and quickly easily so; Each page should leave certain blank, in order to facilitate in the future arrange and complement; The book of the word is written can understand with oneself for the condition, need not make excessive demands decorous and neat; Can use a few brief statements that oneself can know or abbreviate word; Some content on a few teaching material can make good number on teaching material directly in order to save time.

5, exercise

Tall one of features of 3 practice namely much, ” of “ problem sea is the true portraiture of pair of this one phenomenon. Regard as tall 3 students, be afraid cannot ” of sea of evasive “ problem, want to have adequate psychological preparation to this.
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