Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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1, of teaching material read

Read the mother ” that is “ study. What its since learns is germinant, also conduce to improve study efficiency. Research makes clear, the memory after the memorial rate after reading should compare listen to a talk leads tower above 1.66 times.

Of course, may not reading a book is to read, was being understood only is to use a brain at least ability is read. So, from Gao Sanwen the angle with unripe division looks, how should read liberal art teaching material?

Look from reading measure, it is to want to often see catalog reach its above all each are paragraphic inside teaching material the specific item below. Catalog and its specific item have the characteristic such as the systematization with high gender, complete inspissation and close logic, it can reflect the relation between each paragraphic, each specific item and core content, it is the tourist guide graph of study consequently, often try to browse, can reach its to the main content of teaching material mutual the relation be clear between at the bosom. If read " Chinese ancient time history " (people teachs a press 2003 edition) catalog discovers society of ancient time of complier general China is divided into 6 chapters not hard 6 phase, begin to divide the history of a period of feudal society of level introduction China from the 2nd chapter among them; See “ of the 2nd chapter again period of feudal big unify----8 are set again below Qin Han ” , it is the Chinese history that discussed this one period from the respect such as concern of system, politics, socioeconomy, territory, nation and culture actually develop a condition, among them the feature of ” of “ big unify is very bright; And the prosperity of feudal society of “ of the 5th chapter----The introduction of Sui Tang ” , it is from “ the angle of prosperous ” is cut, the political economy that introduced this one period respectively with 8 length, system changes, the ethical concern, state that interacts to wait for a respect with culture external, times feature it may be said is be clear at a glance.

It is to be in next when reading, should take seriously paragraphicly to every search “ soul ” (perhaps saying is “ clou ” ) . Sociological division has intense humanitarian sex. Accordingly, why should think complier wants to put this one content into teaching material more? Does he want what to issue lend this specification? Through what material he shows an issue again? Take the reflection of these pair of problems seriously, conduce to nurturance getting the ability of significant information from inside teaching material, conduce to education analysis and the ability that solve a problem. Of course, “ soul ” often is behaved be is recessive knowledge, it did not use a character to state directly, concealment to be contacted in the intellectual content in teaching material and knowledge however, this understands with respect to need, go digging. If “ has Chinese Communist ability only with respect to Chinese ” it is contain is in China latter-day 80 years of make a stand against and exploration history medium historical conclusion, but teaching material does not have blunt ground so say; The triumphal ” that is like decisive battle of “ great strategy again is consider the situation of the Communist Party of China, capture correct and good luck, decision-making result, but teaching material also is done not have so say. Apparent, these are the conclusion that reach on the basis that understands teaching material, understanding teaching material, and, can reach completely still from the angle of other more conclusion.
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