Gao Sanwen division is unripe learn liberal art to must take 5 link seriously
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Who can be met in “ learn the breakthrough is obtained on ” , who can be whose study potential change actual result;

Who begins the operation now, who can laugh in next year in July.

   ----Shi Ping hand is written down

Perhaps be god is intended bestow, the liberal art before attending a college learns, almost complete self-study finishs the author; During university study, teachers are forcing I learn how to learn again; Stand on middle school estrade more than 10 years, students often make inquiries to me with ardent look: Teacher, how can ability learn liberal art? Run to each school guidance teaching grinds the job, a sound often is reminding me: Run on wrong way what is used?

Be such experience, make I fashioned such belief stage by stage: If mastered,learn a way correctly and unremitting ground practice, any students are OK efficient the ground learns liberal art so, the liberal art that is about to attend the university entrance exam next year is unripe people, whether had you mastered method of better liberal art study?

One, Gao Sanwen division is unripe, whether can you learn liberal art

The study method issue that I once laid to Gao Sanwen division has done special subject to investigate, total feeling is liberal art is born people still fail well “ learns learn ” . Main show is:

The first, the timeline of study and life lacks scientific sex.

The 2nd, learning process lacks initiative.

The 3rd, memorial method had be notted optimize.

Without doubt, the foundation of system of knowledge of each course main body still must know liberal art write down, this is the basics that learns liberal art, also be the premise that should try smoothly. Investigation makes clear, no matter be the method that knows the content that remember or knowledge to write down, liberal art is unripe people will surely not master well, this goes against knowledge of course consolidate, also go against for reference.

2, 5 when learn liberal art to must take seriously basic link

Believe every Gao Sanwen division is born to want to be on the successful path of study. Want to be on successful path, besides having powerful study motive force, assiduous study manner and good body and psychological quality, still must master scientific study method. In fact, if be in,learn only, no matter whether realize, people is in choose regular study method, the component that just uses a method to have actor of low quality stopped. Learn do sth in the proper way, get twice the result with half the effort, not only a year when can help liberal art will be born henceforth successful before row, obtain exceedingly good result, the precious money that can make a person more and make a person lifelong be benefited.

Actually, darwin has said early, the knowledge with the most valuable “ is the intellectual ” about the method. So, learn Gao Sanwen division what to method there is? How to go mastering these methods? The author must have been caught first with heading the following 5 crucial link.
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