Physics reviewed the 4 big questions that should note 2009
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Archaism cloud: Give a person with the fish, offer one meal only. Give a person with fishing, lifelong benefit from is boundless. Learn knowledge, should learn a method more. The study method column of Tsinghua net school combines old teaching experience and attached middle school by division of name of Tsinghua attached middle school composition of result of outstanding student learning, it is a purpose in order to help the study convention with student good education, in making the pupil is learning can get twice the result with half the effort.
  Recommend: The university entrance exam reviews examinee to want to take physics research and study method seriously

Several manage are changed be linked together cheek by jowl between 3 course, pull one hair and use the whole body. The stand or fall of physical achievement not only the achievement with influence integrated science department, return meeting logarithm to learn the study with chemistry to cause an effect. Accordingly, if examinee wants to obtain good result, certainly will should spend time one time on physics. Want to pay attention to means method when review, correct and reasonable undertake. We view the proposal of teachers below first.

One, establish confidence, objective bona fide analyses him, establish tries hard direction

Only yourself understands him most on the world, on study same also. The physics that comes two many years according to oneself learns experience, analyse oneself level, decide oneself learn the struggling cause of division orientation in physics, this is right whole review a process to having far-reaching sense. This is not to say on 9 empty talk absolutely, you should decide struggling goal very high, must go hard according to very high level. Analyse affirmatory and reasonable cause objectively, meet what go a few months to you review the job to produce beneficial direct effect. It can help you decide what place is some more floriferous time, what place can be let off. Should know physics division is in final exam wide gap of mark of on any account is very big, be in same a some classmates in the class are adjacent full marks, also presumable is only 6, 70 minutes. Accordingly, we must be thrown with stable mentation review the work.

2, the efficiency that improves classroom 40 minutes

Classroom reviews the crucial link that is directive student, some people think to listen not to listen to did not concern on the class, want the abundantly below the class to did a problem to go only, this is very incorrect. Every teacher has his rich teaching experience, when they are handling the content that Gao Sanfu reviews, can establish corresponding method according to actual level of the student, review the work with helping student of the great majority in the class do well. Accordingly, improve classroom efficiency, digestive absorptance of the key that points out in classroom admiral teacher and difficulty problem falls to browse aimlessly with more time a unit of length in the class reference book is useful much.
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