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High school study is the process of a system, the course of its unlike junior high school, can be by right of petty trick before the exam assault lift result, bigger to difficulty, enclothe wider high school content for, prepare lessons before class, attend a lecture, review, exercise, note is indispensable link etc, not only such, still a few chronic practices need to foster, high school is unripe ought to as early as possible the study convention with good nurturance, follow curricular plan study step-by-steply.

1. The habit of serious prepare lessons before class

A lot of classmates take classroom seriously to go up only serious listen to a talk, class hind completes work, and the prepare lessons before class before ignoring a lesson, some classmates do not have prepare lessons before class at all, among them because do not have time,the mainest reason is not, because do not have understanding,expire however the importance of prepare lessons before class. So what kind of profit does prepare lessons before class have? The prepare lessons before class before the class also is the important segment of study, prepare lessons before class can sweep the intellectual obstacle that removes classroom study, improve result of attend a lecture; Still can review, consolidate the knowledge that already learned, the most important is the self-study capacity that can expand a student, reduce the dependence to the teacher, strengthen independence; Prepare lessons before class can strengthen the specific aim that marks classroom note, alter the passive aspect of study. When prepare lessons before class, want to accomplish: Understand teaching material probably content and in front the intellectual frame that already learned; Find out this chapter or this class content and in front the connection that already learned knowledge, find out requires old knowledge, and take lessons after school right now knowledge; The difficulty that finds out this class and key (the key that serves as attend a lecture) ; Ignore the issue of solution to key problem and oneself, use stroke or mark note of prepare lessons before class.

2. The habit of absorption attend a lecture

If “ of the neither one before the class must be become a determination that masters ” , can affect the result of attend a lecture directly, if be before every class, the student can ask him “ must be become self-consciously hall master ” , so the efficiency that attend class can rise greatly certainly. Actually, student of quite a few thinks, attend class understand did not concern, have a book anyway, the book can read below the class. Hold the student of this kind of idea, listen to class hour to often content with superficial understanding, perhaps meet obstacle of attend a lecture a bit, did not want to listen, the result wasted the valuable time that attend class, increased the study burden below the class, this is the main reason of burden of learning of one part student probably.
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