886 student
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Student is elementary information
Student number: 886 condition: Already arranged a teacher
Sexual distinction: Male address: Sanded bayou area
Detailed address: Portion of predecessor of samite village eye: Elementary school one grade
Student studies a situation: Average parent or student:
Ms. Guo

Teacher attestation means: The teacher talent that needs to pass artificial attestation makes an appointment, attestation means: The short message contacts a manager, 13795111120(Xiaolai) or QQ leaves a message 289639513, after the administrator confirms information, you will become our attestation teacher.

Family education information
Family education requirement: Schoolgirl, have family education experience, speech appearance is good, respect property.
Student studies subject: English
Schooltime and attend class content: A week 2, 1-2 hour, in the evening or Saturday day.
Be willing to pay fee: 20 yuan / hour

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