875 student
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Student is elementary information
Student number: 875 Condition: Already arranged a teacher
Sexual distinction: Male Address: Area of brigade read smoothly
Detailed address: Eye predecessor portion: Without
Student studies a situation: Average parent or student:
Lady of the first month

Teacher attestation means: The teacher talent that needs to pass artificial attestation makes an appointment, attestation means: The short message contacts a manager, 13795111120(Xiaolai) or QQ leaves a message 289639513, after the administrator confirms information, you will become our attestation teacher.

Family education information
Family education requirement: The son is 3 years old, study street dance 3 months, but the child is too small, be 0 foundations. Piano had not learned. The son lives in Japan all the time, won't say Chinese, but the language should not be an obstacle. Because end answered Dalian in August, the hope began to give lessons in September, have love to the child, stick-to-itive teacher is contacted with me please.
Student studies subject: Little street dance or piano
Schooltime and attend class content: A week 7, a hour. The teacher of Dalian, to submit an expense account carfare going there and back.
Be willing to pay fee: 50 yuan / hour

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