Successful family education aids lifetime of child benefit from (2)
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5, send wisdom and patience to give the child
Each child has the endowment with what people differs, interest and individual character, in a variety of ability of the mankind, he always has one to plant or a few kinds stronger, also can one is plant or a few kinds weaker. Have the characteristic according to the child only, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Teach students in accordance of their aptitude, ability achieves favorable result.
Domestic education and school, society teachs photograph comparing, its good qualities is can the ” with inflict individual “ , is not the ” education with general “ , but this kind of patient He Zhihui that teachs need parents, need attentive understanding child, know the child, discover its specialty is mixed especially short, have the education of successive according to the child's individual character and interest interest characteristic, a lot of parents hold to because of the person different just about, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, the result makes the child was on the road of the grow into useful timber.
6, build joy and self-confidence to give the child
As social development, family leaving other is added gradually much, the education of front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage is having greater difficulty than normal family undoubtedly. The heart that because domestic burst often is met,has not mature to the child brings the concussion with different level and harm. But, there also is what a lot of children got health to grow in such family. What this leans is father (mother) extraordinary reason, exercise restraint and the love to the child. He (she) mix anguish embarrassed left oneself, send the child more joy and self-confidence hard, to the child a strong drive is propped up and normal life space, make the child's intelligence and affection got normal evolution.
The 10 beautiful of Nanjing city “ 1999 parent ” Liu Jianjin, her family education is worth the case that front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage has succeeding family education learns namely. Domestic burst left the shadow of a not easy efface to 4 years old of sons' little heart. Reveal on the son's young face with his age unworthily silent with melancholy. Then, she is resolved change son, learn confidently like the child with make the son is mixed normal and live. She begins from him change above all, had adjusted oneself state of mind hard, packed up mix flimsily sadness, let a son experience bright smiling face and encouraged view only. Be in in the light of the child school case, encourage in time to the child together with the teacher, correct disposition flaw of the child in time, make the child great participate in each activity, the child got affirmation in the activity, gained self-confidence (I am not as poor as other little girl) , got happy success of the victory, she succeeded.
The fact with successful family education of land sword Jin tells each odd relatives by marriage law court: When the fact of domestic disintegrate comes, no matter adult has why to plant experience, cannot forget the liability that becomes father and mother, in wanting to help the shadow that the child never Is hope as soon as possible, go, should go with good state of mind child of infection, education, make he can live self-confidently, study, go be being received aglitter tomorrow.
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