Successful family education aids lifetime of child benefit from (2)
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A successful parent says well, if you want to rear the child,join extremely big tree, is not small miniascape, that puts him in wide world.
(one) give the child freedom, make the child independent
Taiwan caricaturist Cai Zhizhong, his family teachs an idea to have distinguishing feature quite. I let “ his freedom ” the path ” of the “ family education that this is Cai Zhizhong's father he is that 15 years old years, want to go to Taipei drawing cartoon, father is a “ goes then only ” Cai Zhizhong the important matter of lifelong future decided. Ask when others how he is at ease the son is abandoned when learning to leave home, he says: “ is right the son's behavior actually all the time very attention, know his interest and endowment, so, I give him freedom. Words and deeds of ” Cai Zhizhong's father, promoted the development of child independence individual character, conduce to the child forming the disposition of active self-confidence. Try see numerous child when entering a college, even parents is accompanied, even make the bed is folded by, also want parents to do sth for sb, the difference of bad of family education actor, do not see apparently?
(2) the domestic atmosphere with comfortable activate
Fulaode says British historian: If want a knot to give fruit,“ is cultivated, next roots must be plunged into in preexistence soil. Same a person also needs to learn to rely on his, the society respects him, do not accept the almsgiving of other, do not await the gift of the destiny. Be in only such foundation, just make the success on any knowledge possibly. ” writes master home Shi Wan, she thinks: Key of filial grow into useful timber is in oneself. In the process that develops a daughter, she uses more time and energy on the consciousness of free-standing, self-respect that fosters a daughter, regard the daughter as wait for in light of the friend, the difficult problem in the life and choice communicate with daughter discussion on coequal position, is not to stand high above the masses, blindly want the child to be obedient to oneself idea. The kongfu that is the ” outside poem of this kind of “ built comfortable domestic atmosphere, make the child experiences parents in a lot of moment the self-respect to oneself and support, what choose sturdily to oneself thereby is self-confident, on the road of the life one pace moves toward a success.
(3) the thing that allows the child to do his to be willing to do
Psychology makes clear, interest is the impulsion that we undertake some kind of activity. The activity that interest can undertake to us has the support, effect that drive and accelerates. In actual life. We also can be experienced, want the job that the child is interested in only, he is met certainly voluntarily ground goes learning study, and can of creativity had done it. Interest can arouse the passion with child potential heart, abound them to live, make they hope goodly pair of worlds, indefinitely to will be being held tomorrow. Hobbies of a lot of individual of child have the aid of obtained outstanding result in different domain, experience successful joy. Build a very strong self-confident heart thereby, for them the following grow laid very good foundation.
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