Successful family education aids lifetime of child benefit from (2)
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3, hurried child quality develops in the round
The child resembles seedling of one individual plant, moisture needs already in growing, also need soil, sun, with nourishment. Executive quality is taught, the requirement learns school, society, family to answer basis policy for education, develop teenage generation in the round, the health that makes their body and mind grows.
We are in 21 centuries, what children face is the good luck of intellectual economy times and challenge, they not only need knowledge and skill, still need sound moral quality, haler physique. More active innovation drive and stronger practice capability. And all these, need tries to foster as a child.
Relaxation, it is the Chinese book doctoral student with Cantabrigian university the youngest throughout history, year only 22 years old. His grow and foster, it is Everyman is expected and can reach. When Zhang Mingshan speaks of his father be being taught to the son's family, in succession said a few “ want ” and “ not to want ” : Before “ is learning, the self-confident heart that must develop the child and seek knowledge desire, must foster the child to good study is used to and overcome difficult ability, do not push the child to the school without giving thought to. Want to cooperate to foster, do not let the child depend on parental guidance blindly, do not hit the child's confidence. ”
Accordingly, he paid attention to the following in practice:
A, child is good habitual education
B, child studies affective education
Child of C, education learns to be an upright person, reach the education of love
The education of D, independent consciousness
As E, equal as the child communicate, the communication of “ face and face ”
Allude F, actively to child seed travel
Timely and G, measurable complimentary He Xin admires the child
H, education and improve integrated quality
I, education is self-confident; Consciousness of education child labor, bear hardships to learn spirit, assiduously
School of J, home carries out education to agree
The practice experience of this family and result proved the United States breaths out Buddha university psychology is a word that teachs Daniel · Ge Erman: The success of “ person, intelligence quotient index occupies 20 % only, and the element such as business takes love 80 %”
4, still give the child with the space freely
The child is in the process of development of body and mind, having wide interest and curious desire. These are the inherent power that they learn, should protect this kind to seek knowledge be about to foster its creativity. Give the child the space that a freedom is explored and chooses with respect to need.
Educationist thinks, to the undeserved interpose of child behavior, what can manacle the child not only is curious desire, and the self-confident heart that meets contusion child, intellective to his development and character form Chengdu have adverse effect.
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