Family education, moral education is the most important
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If you ask today's parent, in child growing process, is thought morality important? Have the effect that the person does not admit them rarely probably. But between real life, fall in intense with each passing day nowadays competition environment especially, as the parent, we often emphasize not self-consciously developing with the child however those who pay academic practice is intellective, important, and put moral education in secondary locally.
Chinese family education learns Bao Xiangceng of standing director king to had done a whole nation to investigate, findings makes clear, it is the most important to the child to in having on average the parent of 85% thinks to be taught in the family, undertake morality is taught, but in a series of alternative titles, the answer of parents shows, the platoon is advanced 3 do not have moral education. It is the most important to parents care most and think actually, still be the intellectual education problem such as the child's study, mark. This one result tells us clearly, parents are existing to compare serious understanding and behavior to be out of line on this problem. Want to let idea of broad parent transformation, need a long-term and arduous process, but it is an urgent task.
The family is the first environment that children lives, good to children moral act nurturance is having very main effect. Be in China a such great countries that having 320 million family, this huge education natural resources should produce an advantage in children growing process. Transfer the parent's power adequately, offer scientific guidance, it is pair of “ 3 real practice that represent ” ideology.
Have specific aim more to make the family is taught, stress a focal point, chinese family education learned to hold domestic morality to teach an informal discussion. Experts anew the characteristic that period morality teachs, traditional goodness and education of ethics of new period family, domestic ethics education teachs morality of medium main effect, family and inchoate education, perfect character in quality form the respect such as the relation that teachs with domestic morality, analysed the current situation of domestic ethics education and children morality, discussed the content that domestic morality teachs and method.