Parents teachs medium main effect successfully in children
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3, the parent's part also faces a challenge. The parent is faced with sheet to plant part and the changeover of a variety of parts. The cure of the preceptorial, psychology of beauty of the models move, knowledge and skill peddler of the perfect move of the person set an example of the guide that contemporary parent should be child thought, behavior, character and morals, soul, body person.

Parents is the child's earliest illuminative teacher, the education of the child's study and parents has very close relationship. Should want to learn as parents so? Some parents may have never considered this issue. A lot of parents think his knowledge is already enough and substantial, educational child already more than sufficient. But, reality is not however such, doctor, engineer, even college professor teachs bad children also there are plenty of such people, the reason depends on teaching children is a main subject. Everybody knows positive-appearing image in that way, people learned literacy, ability can see book study, learned arithmetical ability do accounts, do not learn literacy, do not learn arithmetic, cannot see book study and do accounts, learn literacy merely, not naturally can do accounts, chalk it up. Same argument, parents does not learn the knowledge that the family teachs, do not understand and master the educational method of scientific system, although they are accomplished in the domain that their is good at very tall or experience is very much, its ability is outspread to domestic cultural also be not comprehensive. Accordingly any parents need to undertake study. · Marx has made Er of revolutionary adviser card early to this meaningful judgment: “ teachs the person of others to want to get education above all. ”

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