Parents teachs medium main effect successfully in children
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7 ~ 12 years old (elementary school phase) children, their heart reason is depended on model begin progressively to independence model transfer; Moral character is taught also from harmonious model enter become divided of words and deeds period stage by stage; Thought development also is transformed to abstract thinking by thinking in images; Those who remember ability is qualitative also have apparent buildup with the quantity trend, know the amount that write down and reproduces a thing apparent increase, maintain time to lengthen, recall change to understanding by mechanical memory, begin to use a method to have memory. The child curiosity of this period is stronger, the individual character psychology such as the volition had be notted perfect, imitate force to rise, moral decision criteria is not perfected again, because this makes various mistakes easily. When parents faces the child of this one period, should enter president period, of the front, patient guiding and seasonable interpose.
13 ~ 15 years old (phase of junior high school) adolescent child, their moral decision criteria is perfected basically; Affection element grows quickly. Strange to everything thing has stronger curiosity, independent character increases, do not be willing to accept the management of the outside and obligation, love liberty.
16 ~ 18 years old (high school phase) the child of teenage period, their psychological quality finalizes the design basically, can become independent basically. But because lack stability, a lot of moment still rely on parent accord to remind with drive. Already belonged to abstract logic in the thinking of this phase child model, memory belongs to understanding to remember and have certain quality, can use all sorts of methodological aggrandizement memory neatly.

The challenge that contemporary parent faces:
One, knowledge expands quickly and the challenge of technical revolution. According to statistic, come a few years recently, the new book that publishs every year on the world is in two, this occupies a specification, knowledge is expanding quickly. Main show is in technical revolution 6 respects: Technology of IT, new material, ocean uses the development of technology, vacuum technique, energy technology and life technology. Now, the whole world has a new invention 5 minutes every on average. This means the parent to also cannot use the educational means in the past to teach today's child again, and should teach today's child with the means in the future.
2, the parent's authority got challenge. Contemporary parent is basic it is the period that entered reform at the same time with the child, entered information age and network period. The business that the child understands from inside all sorts of media makes our grow upping the metropolis is astonied, their understanding to the world already not just textbook of be confined to and the thing beside. The world had made their textbook. Parents wants to teach good child to must think afresh, relearn.
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