Parents teachs medium main effect successfully in children
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Parents expresses great expectations to his child, hope to rear the child into useful to country, society and family phenom. Present child is a singleton mostly female, the intense period that changes at the society again. Graduate of college of the undergraduate course on talent market is unwarrantable also the profession that finds an ideal, and be opposite on the labour market the demand of worker literacy rate is higher and higher, high school gives birth to the job that connect a portion to seek the appearance that be less than, not infrequent already. Accordingly, the family teachs the issue of heat issue central issue that already became whole society care and difficulty problem. Excessive begs question of will all education, give society and school will solve already more and more not actual. The heavy burden of pillar of the mainstay of the Yo that it is the home, Yo that it is a country is sure to fall on parental shoulder, accordingly we are necessary to understand parents deep to teach medium main effect successfully in children.
Parents studies medium main effect in the child main body is the following now 3 respects:
One. Parentage respect:
What the child of teenager children period believes most is the parents, closest also be parents, before parents, they are carefree, most be happy to tell father and mother their idea and viewpoint, leave parents caress, they are met vacuity, be in a dilemma. Parents is the most unselfish love between heaven and earth to the child's love, they are the people that help the child the gladliest. So parents is the person that optimal superintend and director of the child guides and optimal observer.
2. Scientific research proves an aspect:
Domestic and international research already proved, there is an adult to patient from beginning to end to the child ground is encouraged and be helped at least in the child's lifetime, obtaining the life to succeed to the child is very important. Return a proof at the same time; The quality of the feeling that the child overcomes difficult ability and their parents and parentage is closely related. Have the father and mother with your great —— only, ability makes the child makes a joy, can ego modulator, move toward success of mature, trend step by step. This is not an empty talk or conventional phrases absolutely. Countless facts already proved, parental support, encourage and love, it is the main factor that the child obtains the life to succeed.
3. The person's psychology develops regular field:
The person's lifetime, OK and factitious ground differentiates for fetal period, new student period, infancy, little period, teenage period, manhood period and old age. According to the person's psychology change can differentiate for the infant period, children period, teenage period (adolescence) , manhood period and old age. The crucial period that child psychology develops is children period and adolescence, these two period also are study knowledge and the crucial period that increase capacity. Parents should to the child the characteristic has the different mentality of children period and adolescence a clear understanding. The child of children period still won't suspect to parental viewpoint of value, in basically be in carefree state of mind, they are very close to parents, be happy and communicate. They need and can accept parents to live to them the interpose with study. The child plasticity of this period is very strong, the health that can not affect them because of reasonable interpose of parents grows. Arrived after adolescence, they begin to doubt parental viewpoint of value, try to survey this world according to his demand. The child of this period does not wish again to parental confide aspirations, and be willing more with communicate idea with age person. Right now they need parental interpose no longer, be compensated however and study. Undertake intervening had losinged effectiveness to them again to child parent of adolescence, can meet only be just the opposite to what one wished. Because this parents must capture children period (pupil period) this optimal period that has interpose and standard to the child, obtain school work to lay the foundation with solid the next successfully in the future for the child thereby. And the child to teenage period, main responsibility of parents is to be child gleaning fill a vacancy, the problem that learning to them together with the child and encounters in the life undertakes consider and be discussinged, find the measure that helps the child thereby. If the again arbitrary method that adopts interpose obtains favorable effect hard, can be just the opposite to what one wished even.
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