How can the undergraduate just make good teaching in home
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3, decorous manner, make teaching in home in order to learn state of mind

Family education to undergraduate no more than two purposes, it is social practice, it is part-work and part-study system, the undergraduate should carry normal state to spend above all, must attend family education in order to learn state of mind to work, social practice learns namely actually, the undergraduate that works to just beginning to enter teaching in home especially is more such, want to have relatively equal job opportunity only, should very good hold, nag not overly, perfect is impossible, for instance: The distance is a bit further or class hour cost is a bit less, abandoned. Actually the key depends on: You can be compared with student or parent can get along well, it is a right choice, expend as to class hour about the same OK. If expend each other each other not to let because of class hour at the beginning, although conclude collaboration constrainedly, also can leave some of negative effect in respective heart, after be being affected possibly badly, education and both sides concern. Current, be in usually, family education market is student demand little supply at the teacher, after so excellent teaching and administrative staff of the teacher makes an opportunity, want very good cherish!

4, should become a good friend above all when good teacher

First time and student contact can talk about a few relaxed topics first, cut should not communicate with student with pedagogic identity, in student mental view, you also are a student. Best the common interest that can find out both sides through chatting briefly, play close relationship, communicate to it with the friend's identity, education effect is met get twice the result with half the effort!

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