How can the undergraduate just make good teaching in home
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One, the dominant position that knows oneself correctly and inadequacy

1, the undergraduate makes teaching in home actually the in a sense has advantaged advantage than full-time teacher, because your identity remains a student, with student same status can make both sides can be communicated effectively more, bilateral relationship gets along more easily harmonious, in the atmosphere middle school of relaxed nature reviews, efficiency will be taller! The effect will be better. Additionally the undergraduate just passed the university entrance exam commonly, master degree remain fresh in one's memory to the knowledge previously, prepare for war to be able to have oneself personal result more to the university entrance exam that just passed especially, the OK and very good study experience that succeeds oneself imparts student, besides, every teacher is take an examination of by genuine ability and learning on regular school, in the example that you are him in average student key point, the teacher wants very good use oneself dominant position, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

2, because the undergraduate is not professional teacher after all, the education study of professional without the course system and training (normal school kind the student is not bad) , when choosing education course so, must choose most be good at, before real education begins, must want to prepare lessons very well to what teaching course, make careful education plan, repeat what the book says of avoid by all means, understand the real learning situation of student adequately, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, ceaseless in practice summary accumulates experience, raise oneself education level gradually.

2, the individual that strengthens oneself is cultural

The undergraduate is in with student (the parent) the bearing of words and deeds that begins to contact particular him attention for the first time, remember ” of “ humanness a person of exemplary virtue well 4 words. Because of student (the parent) quality discretion is differ, what kind of person is encountered possibly, but, any moment also cannot temporarily actuation, say mump word, bad word, roughhouse even. Popular feeling is the flesh is long, if we act on straight-out and open-minded state of mind and its communication from beginning to end, average student or parent can become a friend with us, make the impact because of a few words border, not be a mature adult should. If, in case the student or parent's true legitimate rights and interests that encroached a teacher or person is safe, we can be solved through legal measure! Family education process do not flow at the form: Just be expended for class hour and come, go to the dot, the teacher that does not have love, endless duty is won't welcome. Original parent needs a service one year, did not allow a month to be able to dismiss you, what kill finally is yourself. Why does net of love spy family education regard other of love society, love, him love as spirit of enterprise? Because this kind of spirit is social place forever,advocate, promote! Loving another person is him love actually! The real situation pays what can have get one's own back!
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