Undergraduate family education should pay attention to detail problem to avoid b
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Round circle does not go out two days to be mixed with the daughter of Ms. Zhang ripe, but good times don't last long, ms. Zhang discovers this girl is too informal. Arrived in student home, oneself pour tea to drink do not say, still talk on the phone sometimes congee. Once Ms. Zhang still hears her to say with others in the phone she is in “ makes teaching in home to home of mother and daughter, her home condition is very good ” , in the heart not quite comfortable. To Ms. Zhang that round circle cannot get used to, still decide “ fries ” finally she, added “ disposition in the requirement column that searchs new teaching in home sedate ” .

[reporter hand is written down]

The undergraduate wants humanness a person of exemplary virtue first when family education

The reporter is interviewing the discovery in the process, the parent chooses the account of undergraduate family education, communicate youngly, easily with the child besides the undergraduate, familiar campus life, outside knowing child psychology, very important is the parent feels the undergraduate's quality is higher. And the undergraduate of a few is receiving next family education this “ work when ” , regard it as merely a channel of profitable opportunity, familiar society, forgetting this however also is him exam the examination room of a life of sincere letter and responsibility.

Be hired by a person, be about to fulfil one's duty responsible coach to the child good homework, such taking also can be free from anxiety in pay heart. Besides, be late leave early, careless deal with fool the parent that inspects the child to be a beloved daughter nevertheless. In addition, in the child home that coachs in oneself, regard oneself as “ alien ” is safer method. Kiss again with employer home, receive casually listen or using the phone, act that oneself pour water to drink still is to let many people feel to be accepted hard. Often be such a few “ the detail problem of negligible ” brings about the allergy of child parent.

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