Undergraduate family education should pay attention to detail problem to avoid b
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Problem 1] the holiday says to have a fever go out to play (lack sincere letter)

Mr Li speaks of to fry Xiaozhou this thing special deep feeling: Weeks “ is small at ordinary times teach well still, every time punctual attend class, get along quite well also with my son. But that day morning, give his son to coach to Mr Li home from weeks small at ordinary times mathematical time still needs 2 hours, the phone of Mr Li home rang. Mr “ Mr Li, feel embarrassed, I had a fever today, ask for leave to go? ” phone transmits Lai Xiaozhou's frail sound that. Mr Li listens to be deeply concerned immediately the ground asks him otherwise is essential, still urge him to go to a hospital looking. Dan Xiaozhou declined, said to take drug, lie it is good to lie.

That day in the evening 7: 00 much, mr Li made a telephone call to weeks of small dormitory. I worry about “ his illness, want to ask he had a meal, still want to persuade him to go to a hospital. Mr ” Mr Li says, “ result, I tell after his roommate received a telephone call, xiaozhou and friend went out to play, can come back very late. Mr Li that ” hanged a phone is very angry, decide to fire this undergraduate that does not have sincere letter immediately, he says: “ calculates his literacy class to teach again well, I also do not want, before the child, the teacher's bearing, sincere letter is the most important. ” is passed change family education, mr Li also attended a sincere letter class to the son.

[problem 2] “ of a piece of examination paper mixes ” a class (deal with assignment)

Some undergraduates make teaching in home 3 minutes heat, return a few times at first very serious, time grew to begin careless and casual to rise. Two when center of some professional family education offers recent complain case special typical case.

The Xiaozhao in summer vacation should go to grand gentleman home 3 times every week, for English of her daughter take lessons after school. At first Xiaozhao gives small letter meticulously to tell grammar every time, analytic exercises, sometimes oneself are returned from a few coach difficult problem of a few doubt is searched to take an examination of her on the book. But after 56 take second place, he begins lazy. It is not to seek extracurricular title first, it is the time that reduces analytic grammar next, let small letter buy this reference book to let herself do simply finally, analyse complex problem to finish sth next. Small letter gave father mother in time this case report, after grand gentleman and wife discussed, still changed family education teacher. Similar problem still includes to be late, unprepared class, get of many parents censure.

[problem 3] by accident oneself of his family belongs (too informal)

Round disposition of northward girl circle is optimistic, communication ability very strong, the first time before summer vacation arrives in Ms. Zhang home, mother and daughter two like to go up this mandarin is special the girl of “ smooth ” , the family education of summer vacation time that decides to ask her to do a daughter immediately holds concurrently accompany employ a teacher.
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