The result of teacher of a family education is experienced
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Today, I make teaching in home for the first time, very nervous also have results very much.
The student of my teaching is tall the girl of one, study result is very good, the 4th is discharged in the class, but composition and geographical result are bad, affected assembly performance, her several manage turn result is Banlidi one.
What I do is composition family education, understand the child's composition first, saw a composition be mixed originally period in examination paper, those who feel her composition already belonged to high school to be born is medium on level, herself feels the main problem of the composition is more insipid, the composition of good fellow student writes a composition in unlike class, especially especially deep, mature, peculiar philosophic theory. Be aimed at a such circumstances, I feel right to her education should break through the requirement of outline: Half the time will make the study of sex of a few research, be aimed at 30 kinds of when revise careful problem, conception, style or manner of writing, specific meanses, I believe he can master very quickly. My education key should be put in latter, since the implied meaning is not profound, immature, without philosophic theory, be about to begin from the thought, my plan is the problem proceed with that is interested from the student above all, have the research of module of 10 or so knowledge first, we study this week mainly will be the revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches that the child is learning, we plan to understand revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches from a few such angle:
1, books (point to the books beyond schoolbook)
Of a mainland, outside one homeland, had better look for a Taiwan again, can go to the library borrowing or look for a classmate to borrow, be no good really go buying.
2, the film (the film about Xin Hai revolution is more, choose 3 newer, the work that renown actor, name directs, the serials that recommends director of Zhao article announce " Sun Zhongshan " ) .
3, Internet (data of 1 Chinese seeing GB, 2 read BIG5 Chinese material, 3 read English material) .
4, with Lao of grandma of parents, grandfather, grandmother father chats, see them how much understand, how to see revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches.
When becoming these knowledge, taking 3 problems to look: Sun Zhongshan, Yuan Shikai is what kind of person, laborious has what person to cause your attention in revolution of the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches develops at China advantageous.
Finish after these, my general and child exchange a view with respect to these problems.
Assign this task, I have two objectives: It is to let the child experience research sexology reviews personally, experience with new way, with new tool, go learning actively in the life. 2 it is we write an article not deep because,be the reason such as thought thinking, we can know a thing deep by our interest, can have the deep knowledge that exceeds others to this thing, when we have deep knowledge to numerous problem, our article is very difficult not deep.
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