Case of success of Mr. Li education
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Earthing up is to join an of 2 student at the beginning of old attached middle school, the schoolboy with very optimistic style of one individual character, be full of spark, thinking is very nimble also. But do not know why English achievement always wanders in moderate level. After attending a class a few times to him, I discovered ” of his “ crucial point is in. The integral language that earth up feels very good, recite rise speech dialect is pretty good also, call the mistake that reads ” without “ of average high school student. Read savvy stronger also. But his ABC is not quite solid, making fundamental problem come always is forgetful, lose cent many. A few commonly used, idiomatic words, phrase is written down not firmly, or remember finish won't be applied, basic syntactic idea is easy also and promiscuous, be like: Wait a moment when general present tense and general past. Be aimed at his circumstance and characteristic, I have something made to order personally for his “ quantity ” the practical education program of one set system.

Above all, from proceed with of his most fragile link —— ABC. Emphasize strengthen, consolidate the ABC that enlarges him, can better in the future for him more successful land learns English to lay next solid foundations. This among them truth rises like flat of high-rise of lofty or bottomless. According to the actual condition that earth up, my elaborate design a series of ABC that have specific aim are inscribed and teach him proper method with the certain skill that become a problem. Such one step by step successive ground strengthens him this one weak point. In education, according to psychological characteristic of the high school student, I still am paid attention to encourage ceaselessly earth up obtain greater progress, help him establish the confidence of study, arouse his strong study interest. What practice proves program of my education of this one pace is executed truly is effective. Still remember earthing up finish once after the exercise, great says to me: “ look, teacher, I what this foundation problem does is pretty good! ” .

Next, strengthening him most weak point while, I still am paid attention to in him on other link rise, unplug even tall. This is main from listen, say, read, write respect of these 4 kinds of skill to spread out one by one, for instance:

① is in audition respect: The audition level that earth up relatively return for student of class of of the same age pretty good. But rise to make his audition level farther, besides the audition material that yields him to listen to a few traditions, I am adscititious still the English solid stylish that has certain difficulty is heard and a few interesting classical English playlet or movie part, made the audition that earth up stride a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position so.

② is saying an aspect: Earth up saying namely colloquial respect still cannot convey freely. This and he says at ordinary times, drill less very relative, accordingly I foster him designedly bold ringent habit. For this I chose to earth up the topic that is interested relatively, be like: The computer, network, family, school, football, friend, trouble that grow spread out with him talk about, guide him to use English accurate, freelyingly expression ego.
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