Result of love family education is experienced
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Activity of sex heart family education also has 10 months, want what to write all the time, but as a result of time reason, did not write all the time, I also do not know what to write now, I feel to display love, helping others is my obligatory responsibility. I am thinking the person is living sometimes is for what after all, be to had eaten to sleep really amused? To old when recollect, deserve proud business without actually, that is very dread.

I am a poverty is born, I come from the country that Anhui north lags behind, my home once had period of time is in utter destitution really, await me in those days 945 years old, tuition is handed in do not rise, those who eat is bad, those who wear is bad, 945 years old also are cultured age, I pledge at that time the current situation that I must change myself, and the current situation that I want to change China. I from small have a kind of strong society sense of responsibility, I always feel I want to do bit of thing for the society, the opportunity came eventually.

I very in feeling happy what I choose at that time is south university, if otherwise I do not have this opportunity at all, since the opportunity came,I won't be let off of course, I should cherish this opportunity of course. I am not to give others to work, go realizing oneself ideal however. So at the beginning I am done with respect to very serious go toing. What I learn is chemical industry, our course is very close, having period of time is almost have a class every night, get feigned job on the weekend, it is art of lack of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else really, I also had generated the idea that abandon, but I say to oneself, what cannot calculate to you afternoon, slept less half hours to have everyday, but for the student to class of a graduation be of exceptional importance, special for the child of impoverished to home, the child's school work, future is everything their, I also am a poverty is born, I know to lose out what to mean. Be in the most nervous when, myself packs time, overcome difficulty, gnash one's teeth was held out.

Compare the heart the heart, the real situation is paid, that is sure have get one's own back, that my student take an examination ofing enters a the Changsha City 20 in ” of “ key class, what I get is these not only, what I get is more important the belief that is opposite work: Without the difficulty that cannot overcome, want us hard only assiduous, time is to be able to be squeezed really come out. I am in job of the following study, affirmative meeting has greater than this difficulty, had these experience, had this kind of belief what am I still afraid of. I am dim in those who if you are done,feel is thing of be apt to, can the god is aided, no matter encounter what difficulty, final meeting is promising. The car can have a way really to the front of hill, the boat is met really to either end of a bridge straight, what want us to do only is thing of be apt to, those who do is helpful for social people.
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