Emphasis on family education and follow-up assembly unit forces Education
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"Dear parents, your children in my team depth A Good activities outstanding performance was rated as 'outstanding party members', let us share the joy!" In recent days, assembly of a Corps, Ordnance Engineering College used in the form of text messages to students who obtained outstanding results relative good news, to launch parents encourage children to new heights. A Good activities in more than 70% of students in various competitions won the honor. How to make long-term incentive to play the role of honor? Branch through in-depth investigation team found that young students eager enthusiasm of high growth and progress, I hope the sense of achievement recognized by others is very strong. "If the honor of the participants told their families in time to launch parents to carry out 'family incentives', students will be able to add another A Good Power." Team instructor Liu Xumin recommendations are endorsed unanimously by the party branch. To this end, the team's overall performance according to students, carry out "side of the Star" contest, selected the 18 "outstanding member", "House of Stars" and "training model." The Corps will promptly convene a recognition of the creation of "A Good Hall of Fame", and through text messaging in the form of "side of the Star" honors the great deeds and inform parents, for parents to share the honor of Haizi witness 孩子 growth. Family's power is infinite. Have adopted parents of phone calls, write letters, encourage children and prudent, for superior results. "Every time I want to relax, the ears will be ringing my parents that after the joy of achievements and excited voice, it will inspire me to move on, I have to redouble our efforts to strive for greater progress, and must not live up to their expectations ! "student Gary Yang said with deep feeling.