Professor Wang Jing-known family education experts to give lectures strains
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"If you can not make your child first, then you must find ways to try to guide him unique." Dec. 5, the famous strains of the family education experts to give lectures Jing, advanced to the city to parents spread the concept of family education. At present more and more family education community, particularly parents, are highly valued. The City Board of Education of the United New Oriental Education and Family Guidance Center, co-sponsored a large family education, public lecture, designed to help parents and children grow together. Tsinghua University Press Lecture training center invited researchers, China Women's Federation, "the Chinese mother network" education adviser Professor Wang Jing speaker. Professor Wang Jing focus from the "unsatisfactory results of the children how to progress," "How to identify the child's characteristics and learning potential," "how to understand children's intellectual strengths," "child only way from the popular to the top-notch," "impossible to do first to do only ", etc., the interpretation of the concept of a successful family education, behavioral psychology and cognitive psychology from two to tell parents how to communicate effectively with their children, how to guide their children approached the children to understand their children, how to identify the child's potential , according to the characteristics of the child to learn quickly, to help children happy reading, early talent. Day's lecture attracted a county administrative department of urban education, moral education of the person in charge of school administrators and parents a total of 600 people to listen.