Tutors do not understand do teach Freeze
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"Today's children, many people show it a little bit of non-health or sub-health values, some children deliberately against adults, and some addicted to the network, as well as children do not value life ... ..." Yesterday, in Hangzhou at the second Forum on Education and the Chinese family from Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan scholars, and local experts together to discuss family values in education, we all agree that such a concept: allow children to form healthy values, first of all to have a healthy family values. The first day of the first half of the test, Hangzhou family education guidance staff the hotline, received such a mother's call: "My son told me to die, how can it be ... ..." After careful inquiry the staff know that the son did not violent, but because, in this day of his son in the examination, the mother of the children, said: "You have to take test, do not test than the children of my colleagues was bad, so I am not face-saving. "So she was a child of such a response. "This is the parents do not value the performance of a good education." Person in charge of this hotline, Hangzhou Edition of the secretary, like Han Ping, deputy director, said the teacher, the parents in order to "face" let the children, the children of course, offensive. Ping Han teachers like that, not one of them will refuse to life, if they have a "suicide," the idea, it must be because they want to escape the troubles and difficulties. How to escape - they will be used in adult seen on TV the way, to live their lives to solve the problem. "Now home to a child, adult subconsciously to want to put a child into a versatile gathered many strengths, it is to the child before the test a good university, and later in the test have become good, now, even a small rise in early reading kindergartens, can not lose. so forcing the children, the child's stress can not you? " Han Ping similar proposal as an adult, family education to the general direction of two-fold: to improve the life of the child the ability to deal with trouble and the ability to bear the difficulties - such as multi-point parent-child set aside time for kids from schoolwork, to go outdoors go, let them know, in addition to exams, ranking, job, as well as sunlight, air, and beauty; Another important point is that parents need to make as much as possible to reduce them to the child can not understand, to accept the request. For the modern society helpless and chaotic parent-child relationship, South Korea is more like Ping, suggests that parents do not understand you can ask, or simply to not teach, teach thousands of Freeze.