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Today, English has become an important standard of personnel training, how to open the first door of children learning English for many parents and educators are paying close attention to the problem. This reporter recently received some parents call and found a lot of people learning English is not the best time to determine. Reporters to interview experts in children's English education, the academic director of English subjects Reith Sally, children learn English to discuss the "golden age." 4-6 years of age to learn English to the establishment of a second language of thinking Some parents think their children too young to learn their mother tongue has not yet fully mature, it will be difficult at this time effect of exposure to English, will study adding to the burden of children grow up may not remember. The scientists study the brain responsible for language study site found this part of the brain in young children to identify and imitate the voice, etc. are very sensitive, its sensitivity will be decreased linearly with age, this is the famous The "Broken Castro District." Broken Cass District proved an English elementary education 4-6 years old is the "golden age." Sally said that in this period, in addition to their mother tongue to another language in addition to receiving the signal stimulus to another language can make the central functions become very active. Many Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions since kindergarten children receiving instruction in English environment, and usually speak Chinese at home, this also shows that give children time to learn English is not a burden, on the contrary can stimulate the brain for language processing function of infinite potential. Not only that, after observing that many experts, 4-6-year-olds already have a sense of learning, not only sensitive and began to focus on the voice, but also with a certain amount of knowledge and learning ability, that is, the right to guide their children learn English at this time The method of ideas, knowledge and ability of future training is also very useful. English "golden period" Parents need to be cautious Optional classes Although the 4-6 year-olds have been carried out to learn in kindergarten, but in the public schools for the children to learn English the Class is still the choice of many parents spontaneously. Parents generally agreed that the future of English as a child's life and work skills necessary, in order not to lose at the starting line, so be sure to train as soon as possible. We hope that more high-end home early age children can be exposed to ideas and to learn foreign advanced methods. "All this is laying the foundation for the future. Whether learning or work, mastery of English is essential." Parents are expected Zinv Jackie Chan into a phoenix, creating a plethora of children English the status of training institutions, conceal "chaotic profusion . " However, for parents, children's education and growth opportunities only once, so some parents are reluctant to send their children to learn English because from this. "We do not want to take a child's education to experiment, to try different training institutions." Parents named Li told reporters. Real to the enemy as the strength training, industry consolidation is inevitable. Journalists in the training bodies interviewed a number of parents, 80% of people believe that the greater the strength of the brand is stronger, while recognizing, colleagues and friends, word of mouth publicity is also crucial. After a reporter found that compared to some of the children represented by Reith English training brands, the strength of their teaching philosophy and advantages are particularly prominent. Reith also as the "American School" concept into China's "evangelist", and English education for the children to bring the "discipline of English" in the new ideas. It is understood that a lot of English training goal is to enable children to speak, Reith but not limited to this, is to have a say in the world, the Chinese. One parent said Reith, 15 years later, the child may not be able to say that advantage, and can use English to express a unique point of view, to work in English is the children's competitiveness lies. Education is a complex, rather than simply to learn the language In Reith's core strengths, in addition to immersion learning environment and a means of teaching subjects other than English, are included on the ability of the entire education system, and summarized as "the future leadership." This highlights the idea that education is a fundamental property of complex, not simply learning the language or a knowledge point, but an environment of ability. The aims of all education professionals point to the future standard, then the child can not ignore the ability of training exercise. It is reported that it will develop the future leadership has always been throughout the course of daily classes, under the guidance of the teacher, the children will be divided into groups to complete the project, and randomly selected team leader for the division of labor, cooperation and common tasks, presentation of the child's speech , project management and team collaboration capabilities to focus on training. In Reith's teaching atmosphere, the children not only achieve the improvement of English proficiency, character and good habits can develop. Sally told reporters, 4-6 years old as a second language to learn the most important period, in addition to learning the language, the children learn methods of proper guidance and the full range of ability is also key. From simple to learn English, and deepen the knowledge and ability to return to the essence of education. Parents also need to deepen the ability to identify, in the careful observation of different institutions, after careful selection of teaching content, is to ensure that children can be the key to healthy growth.