Tutor students fled change of position does not enlighten
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User "machining machine" tutor met with a painful thing, his counseling of children, the physical exam the first 12 minutes, to teach for a month after the exam, 8 points, the face of this scene, very upset, Internet posting seeking comfort! did not expect more than fifty thousand net Friends of the browser after this post, but still have nearly a thousand friends back thread, spoke about his similar experience, many students are the face of such frustration, "fled" the. 8 divided to 12 assigned tutor do sad! Extract the original post Posted by: machining machine Before a tutor, that child physical exam the first time 12 minutes, do tutoring period, his mother next to us had been listening to our lectures. After teaching for a month, his physical accomplishments achieved amazing 8 minutes in my heart. After the papers back, there is These questions all know how the hell to do. (Note: his mother read only primary school, I teach high school physics) because the tutor, let me quiet for more than six months. Now that I think I have that bad? Think about that period of leave in the bowl of a large scar on my heart Thing, my heart is aching. I think back to the physical entrance examination score 120 points, 117 Columbia test points, can be considered good. Teach physical education to his mother would, and he will not. Sad ah. User thread Ravioli without onions: let yourself. Even his mother would do question is the child's problem is estimated, 12 assigned to 8 minutes, this play is fairly stable it! ilovechicago: I want to know is that his mother has not approached you to go back to making up charges? _ _ Boom boom cat: The child might be intentional. You are just civet cats: an estimated time of your lectures, which are fundamentally not heard the child into it. chengxing520496: we plot a pair of father and son, I read along, I go to college, and his son did not. All Ai Zizi: such a child at home is really not laugh, ah, with the landlord to teach my son about this. Last night, in order to teach a simple score, get the 23:00 not understand, can be "three" but he can be Memorized, you teach the child how ah? There are individual differences in learning Liberalism flowers: estimate the baby and I win a fight that year, 100 of the examination paper, chemical 11 minutes, my father had a lifetime of chemistry, as his old baby, and I actually ... ... Dim light: as a child I, like the child, as figures for people who can not understand your explanation is nonsense. Lazy woman content with it: see this post is really sad and want to laugh ... ... I remember when reading the time, that is, read the three- dimensional things; we grade physics teacher at the provincial, but I never understood before. mn watch Angel: My cousin is like, fourth grade, the language is close the book characters do not know how to write this, and math topics are considered incomplete, may take the money to buy things will settle the account. Firefly students: Before reading this post reminded of watching a movie, "Earth Star", Indian movies, not even telling a third grade child Math is not, 26 letters were hard to tell, because He has read barrier Obstruction syndrome. If this student, tutor teacher turned away User said something Only the channel was not hurt: the next has also taught a student, the student in sixth grade, the first class to teach mathematics, I told him to read the title again, and he does not read, I thought he was shy and to encourage him, the Health is not from, I had from the The. Was repeated several times before I know, not even the little bastard on the math word recognition insufficiency. Chattering Early Maturity: remind me of the past, and was on the chubby baby to teach a junior high school, teach him to prescribe, to sit in the back listening to his father. Taught a night, or consequently will not, I'm not mad, his father got angry, came to scold Son: "I will listen to, not the teacher's question, is your problem!" At that time I felt that my father was so considerate! A Da Tougui: first, the task of parents to two months a year to teach a child twenty-six letters. I think this is too simple, right? Result, the children could not tell b and d, T and L also could not tell. Finally, Cent did not want to, ah fled fled. Faced with this problem, users have started a dispute: whether the teacher will not teach, or teach students not? Square view Students will learn not only the teachers do not teach Review of National Chiao Tung University West: I now have a class 4 students to the language test, I asked him: "You can test lower it?" Child himself laughed, and said: "Should not it!" The next time test, 8 minutes! I was to praise the whole class, Progress to double ah! Students also to the laughing, "who can do double points?" No! That he did not recognize it should it? Very pleased that this child is now 40 multisection language has been able to test it, and his daily very happy, no one Laugh at him. priston: I think that "no student will not learn, only do not teach the teacher" was right, ah, good teachers can tap the best at some of the students and their full potential. No ah not thick not black: for when I was doing physics tutoring experience, students should be the establishment of confidence from the start. Fanfangguandian Students do not learn bad, but bad for students eager to learn Sculpting in Time of Loneliness: In the past there is a high school student, is the daughter of a certain Secretary, will dress up and chat all day, 150-point math test score of 50, often about our school invited her home province of the best grade math teachers to Tutor, a month later she got two twenty-bit! That teachers do not go on to teach respect, even the month of tutoring fees are not it! Can only say that some people simply unmotivated it! Dragon's number: I am a teacher. Previously coached a fourth grade boys and placement exam, 8 minutes ago, I think he is not reading the material, on behalf of the 3 days doing nothing, the money did not have to. Sa made two stupid: teach people to look at qualifications, some people just do not enlighten or not thinking, you teach Happening useless. ihstdiyi: landlord should not be too concerned about, some students are always taught well, no matter how hard you are good. Students do not learn bad, but not studious students.